What is the significance of robins in the bible?

My friend asked me what the significance of robins in the bible was, but i didn't know. I couldn't remember reading about robins in the bible. I tried using a search program on my ipod bible and after searching 8 translations i couldn't even find the word robin in the bible. She said something about a robin taking one of the thorns from the crown of thorns on Jesus' head. I read each gospel account and found no such thing. I used a search program on this website i usually study commentaries from and found nothing. I researched on google and found nothing, I found a list of birds mentioned in the bible and robins weren't one of them. I asked my mom and she didn't know. I asked my brother who also studies his bible and he didn't know. I don't know if there is no significance or if i'm just missing something. Please help him find the significance of robins in the bible or if there is no significance.

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is no mention of a Robin in the Bible, what I believe your friend was alluding too is the ancient story that a Robin perched on the cross when Jesus was dying and pricked itself on a thorn and that is how Robins have a red breast.

    The story is an interesting one but has no bearing on the faith of a Christian,even if it is true!

  • Corey
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    10 years ago

    So after checking 8 translations of the Bible, and reading all the accounts in the gospel yourself, you're still unsure that your friend was wrong about the story?

    If there are robins in the Bible, they wouldn't be the same genus as robins in North America (or Australia). I'm not sure how far East Erithacus is distributed, but that'd be the genus most likely to appear in the Middle East.

    A related group of birds are called thrushes.

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