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Looking for a not typical Southwest home in Las Vegas?

My spouse and I think we are going to be moving to Vegas soon and we've been looking at the real estate there. I do not like the southwest architecture and I hate how everything is new and custom made. We used to live in Tucson, AZ and the homes seem to be the same there, which I was not a fan of but Tucson does have a lot of 'regular' style homes. Does anyone know if there are any kind of historic neighborhoods (not 1950's vintage) or some neighborhood that has different style of homes other than Southwest? Thanks!

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    Yeah, all over the valley. You need to get a realtor to show you houses then.

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    i used to live on spencer street and flamingo. the area itself isnt the best, the apartments and grocery stores in the neighborhood are a little ghetto but the houses in this area are very nice and the neighborhoods are quiet., some unique architecture, mostly built in the 60's and 70's. some brick fronts ,stained glass windows and some with grand foyers. there is a home on spencer that the movie casino was filmed in. but as far as a historic neighborhood, i dont think one exists, maybe closer to downtown, but i'd stay clear.

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    Southwestern is the real adobe homes in Sedona, Santa Fe, etc

    The houses in Vegas are just urban ugly; it's the same in So Cal.

    Have your realtor show you the lamplighter neighborhoods.

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