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Is criticizing Obama for not going to Poland an another example of criticizing Obama for anything he does?

All airports in Poland remained closed Saturday to flights above the cloud level of 6,000 metres (20,000 feet) because of the ash cloud, including Balice in Krakow where most of the dignitaries are expected to arrive on Sunday morning, said Grzegorz Hlebowicz, spokesman for Poland's aviation authorities.

Also see map on link #1

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    Yes it is. He isn't going to Poland because of the ash created by the volcanic eruption which makes flying very unsafe. Criticizing him over this is just ridiculous when in fact it is a matter of his safety.

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    PRECISELY. It has already been pointed out that he could go the long way around the world, by plane and land, and then take a train or car the rest of the way. If he were to fly direct and some thing happened he would be called a jackass. If he were to go the other way he would be called out for wasting tax payer money. I think I like it better when they just said NO to everything.

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    I haven't heard any criticism of him not going. He had his plans all set, but the ash grounded all fights. Do you have a link so I can know what idiot said this?

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    Incorrect. Check your facts. Two of their main airports are still open with a ceiling of 6,000 feet.

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    Pretty much. But when did conservatives ever let things like truth and reality stand in the way of their political agenda?

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    If he had went they would say he needs to be here fixing our problems.

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    you betcha!

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