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Sean asked in Science & MathematicsWeather · 1 decade ago

How likely is it that something like this could happen again?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ah, the Super Outbreak of 1974.

    I never witnessed it personally (because I'm only 19 years old), but I know for a fact that it is most certainly possible that an event like that could very well happen again in the future.

    While it would be quite rare to have that happen again, if the ingredients in the atmosphere were present at the time, chances are that they could be present again. You would need to have a very strong jet stream combined with intense wind shear.

    The wind shear would be the most difficult to have, especially on such a scale, because typically you only have concentrated areas of horizontal and vertical wind shear. For an event like this, you need to have shearing winds that cover entire states, capable of producing hundreds of tornadoes in such a small amount of time. As you are probably aware, severe thunderstorm outbreaks occur nearly every year, and hundreds of supercells develop and produce many tornadoes. But to have tornadoes forming on this scale is astounding.

    While it may seem like something like this may not happen again, the probability is real and if all the required ingredients manage to come together in the right time and places, another super tornado outbreak could happen. Just always stay aware of your situation, if you're under a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch, always use caution and remember your safety is most important.

    Hope this helps you!

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    1 decade ago

    Look in the real world.

    Decode this lyrics " You'll see "

    "Wonderful world"

    "Don't know much"

    "Time after time"

    "Wonderful wonderful"

    "Look what have you done"

    "Who sorry now"

    "Last good time in town"

    "25 years"

    "Above the law"

    "Guilty of the crime"

    The thunderstorm?

    Living examples in front of TV news reels and in prints on people,places and events that passes by our daily lives without being aware of it in time?

    What do we have out there?







    All at the wrong time and wrong place in the year?

    What else do we want?

    Luke 21.30-36

    Luke 9.25,55-56,60

    Luke 24.44-45,47-48

    Matt 1.17

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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