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Ubaldo Jiménez pitched a no hitter!?

I think the Mets Cards game is overshadowing it. Good Job by Jimenez!


Who cares if he gave up 6 walks? I bet you can't even throw one. Give the man credit

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    I think you're right!

    Hooray for a no-no!

    Just proof that pitcher's duels can be exciting and aren't pathetic.

    In the words of Hawk Harrelson:

    "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! History!"

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    I agree, because he isn't on one of the bigger-market teams he doesn't get as noticed. While I actually have heard quite a few people talking about him in the media he's getting nowhere near as much credit as he deserves. It's absolutely amazing what he's done so far this season. Even though the chances are he'd beat us I still hope he pitches when the Red Sox face the Rockies. BQ: Cole Hamels dominated the Red Sox in Game 1, but Dice-K nearly no-hit the Phils yesterday and right now the Sox just pounded out 7 runs in Game 3, handing Roy Halladay his worst start of the season so far. Impressive couple games for them. I know this one isn't over YET (7-0 in the 7th) but it'd be great for them to head into Tampa Bay with a series win over the best team in the National League.

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    I am a Braves fan and I was impressed with what Jimenez did. Congrats to hm. This is the second time the Braves have been on the receiving end of a no hitter. The Braves were on the receiving end of the perfect game thrown by Randy Johsnon. Again Congrats to JImenez for a jon well done.

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    Yeah I know, it was really exciting! Good job by Ubaldo Jimenez. I bet Rockies fans are partying right now

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree, it definitely was overshadowed. I didn't even hear about it until like 20 minutes ago. Congrats to him, first in their franchise history, that's a big deal. Great job to him and the Rockies

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    WOW! First in franchise history! We were all totally absorbed by the cards/mets game that we didnt know this was going on. At least I didn't. Amazing. If I had known, I would've started watching that one a long time ago! At least I got to see the last out.

  • Ubaldo's the man! Awesome job, great achievement.

  • Congrats to him on a job well done & giving the Rockies their 1st no hitter in their history.

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    Are you serious? I knew he had good stuff, but not like that. Rockies have a nice little rotation. Reason why I picked them to win the NL West.

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    I am a Rockies fan and I was so nervous at the end watching it. I am so glad he did it.


    HE STILL DID NOT ALLOW A HIT. Damn show the man some respect.

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    I'm so proud of him! I really hope the rest of the staff takes notice!

    Source(s): GO ROCKIES!
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