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My cat has a mild cold?

My oldest cat has started to get the symptoms of a mild cold she is sneezing more than normal and she sounds like her nose is congested. She is still eating normally and she is grooming herself like normal as well.

I just lost a cat about a month ago to pneumonia and i have some of the amoxicillin that the vet perscribed me for her left would it be a good idea to give my sick kitty half a regular dose to help boost her immune system since she is older. (she is 8) I dont want to lose another cat!

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    It is possible that your cat has developed a mild upper respiratory infection or a mild cold, but it's best to have the vet check her out before it becomes more severe.

    As for the amoxicillin, I would not recommend giving this to the cat since it is an antibiotic and using it now could build up an "immunity" to it if she really does have a cold or upper respiratory infection and may not work correctly if the vet decides to prescribe that antibiotic (if necessary)

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    Is the amoxicillin liquid or pill form? If it is liquid and constituted (mixed with water) it should be discarded after 14 days.

    Were the cats about the same weight? You may be able to use the same dosage. But, either way, I don't like to use the same prescription provided for one cat for another, due to dosage requirements per pound, unless you're educated on this. Just as in Humans, you should never take someone else's medicine.

    Sounds like your cat has developed an upper respiratory infection. Or...has your cat had it's shots up to date. Has your cat ever been tested for Feline Aids? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then take the cat to a Vet.

    Also, you can use an immune enhancer called L-Lysine to sprinkler into the cats food that will help to boost the immune system. You can get this as an over the counter drug at your local Wal Mart in the Pharmacy next to the Vitamins. It will come in pill form and you'll need a pill crusher. I give my geriatric cats 1/4 tab a day.

    NOTE: This is not a replacement for going to the Vet. This is a supplement for when the cat is Healthy once seen by the Vet and given proper medical care.

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    Sneezing and congestion is NOT a mild cold. When it's progressed to those symptoms it's an upper respiratory infection.

    The Amoxycillin from a month ago is no longer effective. It loses its potency in 10 days. Get your cat to the VET.

    I find it odd that you recently lost a cat to pneumonia. Pneumonia only happens when you don't get a cat the treatment it needs for a URI as the infection spreads to the lungs. I'm betting that last cat never saw a vet - and because of that it died. Is that what you want to happen to this one as well?

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    Cats can develop chronic upper respiratory infections if one is not caught and treated as soon as possible. I would never take medical advice from someone over the internet - it would be best if you could bring the cat into the vet to have them diagnose the cat and prescribe it the medication it needs. I will say that I have used a medication on one of my cats for another one who contracted the same eye infection without first going to a vet and it did clear her symptoms. If I were you and couldn't get to the vet I would probably give my cat the medication, as long as it wasn't expired, but this is not good advice and a vet would be the best option.

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    If it is left over it is most likely out of date and no good (liquid goes bad after 2 weeks). Call your vet and ask him. A mild cold can and usually does turn into an URI and you will need new medication for your cat. Don't try giving them old medicine do the right thing and have the cat checked out by your vet.

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    You should never give an animal antibiotics unless they have been prescribed for that animal by a veterinarian; they will NOT "booster the immune system" and should only be used in the case of a known bacterial infection. You should also never give one pet medication intended for another.

    Take your cat to your veterinarian on Monday. If her symptoms rapidly worsen or she begins to have difficulty breathing contact your local emergency clinic ASAP.

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    PLEASE don't give your kitty that amoxicillin! That is an antibiotic and they are only to be used as prescribed by your veterinarian. Your best bet is to take your kitty to the vet and see what he/she says, and dispose of the unused antibiotics! Please see the excerpt below about using antibiotics (it refers to humans but antibiotics work the same way in animals: they are fighting the virus) To learn more about antibiotics please see the link as well.

    "It is important to remember to complete the whole course of the medication to prevent the infection from coming back. If you do not complete the course, there is a higher chance the bacteria may become resistant to future treatments - because the ones that survive when you did not complete the course have had some exposure to the antibiotic and may consequently have built up a resistance to it."

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