Who Do You Feel Made The Biggest Impact On TNA Plus THW Presents Saturday Night Annihilation Episode 13 P2?

Match 3

THW Divas Championship

Tag Match-If Cameron’s team wins,she keeps her title and her partners gets shots next week.If the opposing team win,RSCP gets the title and her partners gets shots next week.

Cameron Hart ©,Ms Candylicious and Jamie Lee (Debut) VS Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom,Holybell and Amber Gale (Wrestling Debut)

This match is very important as every competitor has something riding on it.The bell goes and Cameron is first it with Amber.Cameron confuses Amber with her footwork but Amber kicks her straight in the head and smiles.The commentators can tell this young lady will go far.Amber picks Cameron up but Cameron gets an energy rush and Amber tags in Red Sexy who soon ends that rush with a Chopblock.Red Sexy hits a Leg Drop and tags in Holybell who whips Cameron into the turnbuckle,and Red Sexy splashes her.Holybell sticks her leg in Camerons throat and Cameron struggles to breathe.Cameron breaks free and hits an Arm Drag DDT,and followed by a Standing Star Press.Cameron tags in Jamie Lee and the debutant immediately makes an impact with a vicious FFC,knocking Holybell senseless.Red Sexy grabs Holybell and drags her to the ropes and tags her in,but Cameron dropkicks Red Sexy and Amber off,and turns Holybell around and hits an Eye Candy Crusher.Cameron goes for the pin but Holybell isn’t the legal woman,and Cameron is a sitting duck for a Tombstone when Red Sexy re-enters the ring.Red Sexy gets her up but Mrs Candy uses her long legs to kick the brains out of Red Sexy,and Red Sexy drops allowing Cameron to swing down and hit an Eye Candy Crusher for the win.

Winners after 7:37: Cameron Hart (STILL THW Womens Champion),Ms Candylicious and Jamie Lee (NEW NO.1 CONTENDERS TO THE THW WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP)

Cameron celebrates and Ms Candy and Jamie do too,knowing at last they’ll get their show at the gold.

Backstage is MA Beast and Bio Hazard-Remember promos are written by the owners of the characters

Jon Spiletti:MA,BH,tonight you get a shot to move into THW.How do you feel about tonight?

MA: THW and YATF fans alike, it is time that my fate be revealed here tonight. I will enter that ring tonight with four other partners and show everybody just what I’ve got. I’m finally being recognized for my talent and potential and not being forced to face some other reckless and weak losers who think that after a few attempts they will get my Special Championship. I am still undefeated here and that will continue to go on no matter who gets in my way. Everybody should know by now that MA Beast is a force to be reckoned with. I am possibly the greatest wrestler of all time but lets review tonight’s match.

I’ve got to face The Code Man, MJB, I A Meen, Brian Hardwick, and Shazam McAmazing. The only threat in this match seems to be Shazam but he sounds like a kind of laundry detergent so I won’t really have to worry about him. Hardwick, sounds like something I get after I watch women’s tennis. I A Meen, that sounds like a person who has English, grammar, and spelling problems. MJB, Michael Jackson’s Bike, I have no clue why he would name himself that but we can all tell he is just creepy. And finally the Code Man, the guy who scans all my items at the grocery store. This seems to be the worst put-together team I have ever seen in my career here. I might as well have taken all of them on by myself because there is no way they can take down my entire team. But at least this makes it easier for me to start my career off in THW.

Now this is the part of my speech where I begin to talk about all the possible things that could happen. I could get a shot at the Annihilation Championship and Annihilate Archangel, the one with the blessed powers of sucking. I could get a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship and take on Matthew Dav…I’m sorry. I almost fell asleep trying to say his entire name. The fact that I’m a Heavyweight will put me at a serious advantage and just help me take down the little Leprechaun. I could even get a World Title Shot and take on um…Well, I don’t exactly know. (Cell-phone starts ringing) Hey Mentor, what’s up? Wait, what?! You are the World Champion?! I thought that belt was just to keep your pants up; I didn’t think it was real. Oh well. (Hangs up) So if I get that World Title Shot I can take down my mentor, King Cliff. But it really doesn’t matter; all he did was coach me for a week. I’d probably take him down. Oh and I could also get an opportunity to fight for the Tag Team Titles but that’s vacant and my partner would probably just bring me down.

So, this is all that could happen.

I thinks its obvious that I’ll remain undefeated and win another championship because nobody can take down MA Beast.

BH:Woah,hold on MA. First off...

Who the hell are we wrestling tonight? I mean, I know we're "rookies" but c'mon, we could've atleast faced more known wrestlers. But i guess this is just the first step. We beat them, than we move on to the re

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    Promo: Tonight,The Scar is happy as he sees The boytoy crew has broken up,Bt the important thing is,the GM is going to suffer,Because the Scar is TIRED Of being Screwed,I am not Bret Hart Damn it,I am the scar, I am the main event,I AM The man who does not kill over,I am the man who just grabs you by your neck and Says What you going to do when The Scar runs all over you -stares at the Camera mouthing " I mean you Hogan"- But anyway,The Gm of Comatose needs to learn from the Flagship of THW,Annihilation's Gm,that if you even screw with one superstar,you'll need a stretchetr to carry you out because The Scar will take a nosedive STRAIGHT To comatose and kick the GM's little scrawny head off and Thats the truth because I AM The Scar and I Am THAT Damn good!

    Sorry for the Short Promo,I'm suspended from school and grounded til tuesday D;

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  • 10 years ago

    Promo: Woah everybody, I didn't believe in miracles before tonight. The Grocery Kid, Bike, English Failure, Hard Dick, and Soap Detergent beat us? We were the miracle team, I have no idea how these unknown fools took us down. Actually, I have an idea, I think it was all because of Soap Detergent, Shazam McAmazing. This isn't the first time I have had to face him and it probably won't be the last. I am still undefeated in singles competition but I have been pinned thanks to him. Well, he can go off to THW and have a terrible career as a jobber while I'm still in YATF with my Special Championship. But it doesn't matter, I'll find another way to THW and I'll become a champion then and maybe I'll get to "thank" Shazam for causing me to lose. But no, he is not the only one to blame. Master of Moves, Moshi Man, JayJay Helterbrand, and Bio-Hazard should have also been backing me up but instead they dropped the ball on me. I am now stuck in YATF with these other baffoons who will probably end up challeging me some time or another but I'll beat them. Once I get my next shot at getting promoted; I won't lose. There is no way I can end up losing because I'm just too much of a beast.

    >>kayfabe<< (I do not mean to offend any superstar)

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  • 10 years ago

    Damn, I was teamed up on bad tonight. Ohh well, sooner or later I will enter THW's Comatose or Annihilation. Awesome card though!!!!!

    Promo: Tonight the THW Team of jabronis and jobbers got the win, or should I say a fluke, on the YATF Team. Well congrats on the first win in your lives. MA Beast, what the heck is your problem with the other guys and me? You think you are that good, you have the YATF Special Championship but you expect the rest of us to back you up in a match. Why are you blaming us if you lost to THW Jobbers? Really I don't give. Ohh and you think you can beat me. Well I'm challenging you to a match at the next episode of YATF. And we'll see who comes out on top in this battle of champions. (crowd cheers)

    Source(s): The Master Says...He will come back
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  • Lisa
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Voting: 1.Adam Ejaz. 2.Dylan Klein. 3.Cameron Hart. 4.Master Of Moves. 5.Scarface. 6.Icon. 7.Deadman 4 Life. 8.Fallen Diablo. 9.Ted Dibiase Jr w/Charlie Scene,Richard Kingston and I A Meen. 8/10.Nice Card.

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    real competition & than I move on to World Championship Gold. Im teaming with 4 other YATF wrestlers in an attempt to make it big time, which means my future is in the hands of other men, which means I am the leader. I am not going to risk this by having a team not on the same page. I will lead this team to victory so we never have to fly coach, while the THW wrestlers fly first class, so we can get the same benifits as the THW wrestlers. But if we lose its back to the dogpound, which im not willing to do. I've already put my career on the line facing King Cliff on YATF & now i will trully be risking my career by getting this rare oppotunity.

    JS:Well thank you MA Beast and The Bio Hazard!

    Match 4

    You Are The Future Invasion VS Team Annihilation Revived (Minus two)-Elimination Match

    If YATF win,Team YATF will go up to THW

    If Team Annihilation win,they will get 5 breifcases containing title shots,one has Annihilation Championship OR Crusierweight Championship title shot,Two have tag title shots,and the final has a World title shot.

    YATF Universal Champion Master Of Moves,Bio Hazard,Moshi Man,JayJay Helterbrand and YATF Special Champion MA Beast VS The Code Man,MJB,I A Meen,Brian Hardwick and ShaZam McAmazing

    This match has so much riding on it,the YATF superstars have demanded a chance to get into THW,and the Newly reformed Team Annihilation are back and ready to earn the briefcases above.The match starts and the first two in are Moshi Man and ShaZam McAmazing.Shazam gets on the attack first and both him and Moshi try their luck airbourne but neither lands a move on each other,until Shazam stops,pulls back and Elbows Moshi in the face,and Springboards back with a crossbody.Shazam pins Moshi but Moshi kicks out.Moshi tags in JayJay but JayJay is hit by a Climax by Shazam and is pinned.JayJay Heltebrand Eliminated.Shazam looks shocked that he eliminated a person that early and MA Beast takes Moshis place.MA throws Shazam to the mat and hits a Animal Instincts on him,and takes to the top for a Lane To Pain,but Shazam rolls him up for the pin.MA Beast Eliminated.The crowd look shocked,and so is MA.MA picks up Shazam and throws him into the outside turnbuckle,and hits a Last Chance on him.Shazam cannot continue.ShaZam McAmazing Eliminated.Now its 3 on 4,and Team Annihilation captain Code Man enters as well as Master Of Moves.Code Man takes it to the YATF Universal Champ,its THW 24/7 Champ VS YATF Universal Champ and Code Man narrowly avoids a SuperKick and locks in a Code Lock.Code Man holds MoM down and MJB takes to the top,and hits a Spin Dive on MoM.Brian enters and with all his pent up fury of being denied his world title a few weeks ago he hits MoM with a chair.Code Man looks shocked but MJB shoves him away and pins MoM himself.Brian Hardwick Eliminated.Master Of Moves Eliminated.This is turning into Déjà vu for Team Annihilation as its now 3 against 1.Bio is now on his own for YATF and attacks Meen,but Meen hits a Meen Streak.Meen goes for the pin but Bio tries to bite Meen and Meen slams him with Brians old chair,and runs off.I A Meen Eliminated.Bio stands and MJB leaps over,but Bio rolls him up and Bio has eliminated 2 people in 20 seconds,and now its 1 VS 1.Code Man enters and he stares him up,noticing that Bio Is still weak from YATF last week when he was beaten up by his mentor Siberian Wolverine.Code Man locks in a Code Lock and Bio passes out after his heroic ordeal.

    Winners after 23:19: The Code Man,MJB,I A Meen,Brian Hardwick and ShaZam McAmazing

    Code Man gets the briefcases as Blood drops from Bios lip,and Code Man walks out victorious.Unfortunately I have to go but like last week,the end of Annihilation will come promptly tomorrow morning along with Comatose.

    Star,rate and promo if you can

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