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Can someone from Ethiopia help me ouuuutttttt!!!?

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I have a race issue, lol. I am African American, I don't consider myself biracial, however I am fare skin from my father being biracial. So I used to work in Northern Virginia ...show more
Update : To the guy who says they are black, not being difficult but what is your ...show more
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Ok listen im Ethiopian and i consider myself black and so does my whole family and every other ethiopian i know. Just look at our skin, its black!...well brown to be exact. Alot of people say that we are mixed with arab but thats not exactly true. We are similar to arabs because we are Semetic like arabs and israelites, while most black people are *******. Black people dont all look the same and dont all come in the same shade, u should know that.

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im just gonna give you best answer, I dont think anyone knows, not even someone from there but whatever.. i just want to end this.. and I never said all black people look the same, nor did I say they didnt have internet over there, reading glasses, you should probably invest in
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  • Woody answered 1 year ago
    When will we stop defining ourselves by color? If your genetic make-up is caucasian and ******* then you are indeed bi-racial. My son is multi- or mixed- because his mother is of ******* (father) and aboriginal South American/Spanish (mother) union. But why do you resist the term? There is much racism in the "black" community over skin color.

    My Ethiopian/Habesha girlfriend does not consider herself "black". My American co-worker, who is "black" told our other co-worker, whose parents immigrated from Ghana, that he was NOT "black" because he was from Africa, and "black" is an American thing. The labels are crazy, seriously.

    Regarding the Ethiopians, there are two lines of thought. One is that some 2000 years B.C., Caucasians/Semites moved into the region and they have been mixed since. The other is quite different. Ethiopians believe that they are the cradle of mankind, as Lucy was discovered there. If you consider this as the center point of all humans, when people migrated to the different parts of the world, natural selection removed the weaker genes from the groups and we end up with white people in northern areas, darker people in central Africa, and Mongoloid-types in the other regions. Under this theory, what you find in the Habesha characteristics would be what we all looked like in the beginning. Each cell containing the combined language of dark skin, and light, large lips and thin, straight noses and wide, round faces and narrow, curly hair and straight.

    And as food for thought, what do you think about Indian people who have extremely dark skin? Are they "black"?
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  • MUCHAUA123 answered 5 years ago
    Ethiopians do not consider them selves black and they are not. They are a race mixed with arabs and Mediterranean people. the fact that some have dark skin doesn't mean they are black. very hard and good question, Ethiopians and other east africans would technically be considered Caucasian, even though if some one were to ask you and you were to say that they are, would flip out and say no, but it is true. Genetically Ethiopians (Especialy the Amharas and Tirgays,some Oromos) are conciderd semetic Caucasians b/c they are mixed 56%, and they can relate more to a Caucasian than a n3gro west african.

    Technically Ethiopians are Caucasians, even though most people stereotype Ethiopians as Black which is not true. Black is the term given to the West African dark people that have almost 80-100% ne-gro features. In Ethiopians Most Ethiopians only have only 15% ***** features. Ethiopians are a people that are mixed with Arabs and Mediterranean Caucasians. Thats why Ethiopians tend to have light skin, Large Jew noses, less curly hair compared to most blacks, and a skull shape of an Arab. Same goes with somalis, except they have buck teeth, lol. Giving a race to these people is very hard.

    just read this.........

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  • loveALWAYS answered 5 years ago
    Ethiopians are African, but that doesn't make us black. Our features (hair, facial structure, etc) points to a more of an arab/caucuasian trait. There are very dark and very light ethiopians, but nonetheless, you can tell by the feautures that we are not black. In America, we are considered black since people think African=black, which is NOT true.
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  • eritrean answered 5 years ago
    can you tell me the ancestry of your father? where are his parents from? Clearly you have genes that originate from people OTHER THAN Bantu.
    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Cluckb...

    "Notably, 62% of the Ethiopians fall in the first cluster, which encompasses the majority of the Jews, Norwegians and Armenians, indicating that placement of these individuals in a 'Black' cluster would be an inaccurate reflection of the genetic structure. Only 24% of the Ethiopians are placed in the cluster with the Bantu and most of the Afro-Caribbeans." (Wilson et al., Nat Genet, 2001)

    A question to Autumn- the Somali girl
    If you say "Horn of Africans. Based on research, geneticists have concluded that those group of people are unique:" then why do you conclude by saying they are "black." Isn't that contradictory.
    Also, if research shows Ethiopians fall in a cluster, which encompasses the majority of the Jews, Norwegians and Armenians, why do you place them in a 'Black' category. please tell me the reason.

    Hope to hear from you and the asker of the question.


    Do not forget to tell me about your ancestry.
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  • Hi honey answered 5 years ago
    I'm not Ethiopian or black. But read in my almanac, Ethiopia consist of 40% Oromo & 32% Amhara and Tigre, 9% Sidamo, 6% Somali, 4%Afar, 2% Gurage.
    So your answer is Oromo.
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  • Brkt answered 1 year ago
    Here is the answer for your question:
    correction human has no RACE!!
    Race define as follows:
    1. a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.
    2. a strong or rapid current flowing through a narrow channel in the sea or a river.

    Human produce offspring to imitate and reproduce itself as like any kind of creatures. Human race has one kind of seed, if varied it will not produce it self by intermarriage with people from far away.
    However, the current land of Ethiopia is the very first source of humanity.

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  • Suave answered 1 year ago
    semhal answered your question how many times???.. she just said shes Ethiopian and they consider themselves black, i know Ethiopians and they consider themselves black as well, Ethiopia has never been conquered and ethiopia is the oldest nation where Every One comes from, so what is so hard for you to grasp?. the majority are black
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  • brainwave360 answered 5 years ago
    people overseas and in northern africa believe that all true africans r dark, but thats nt true, im light and 100 percent black. In south africa mst realy dark africans r discriminated against cause sa tend to be lighter than north africans


    south african
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  • David R answered 6 months ago
    But then why are those from Egypt, Libya and Algeria not considered black? I have friends from Ethiopia, some say they are black, others do not. Who really cares? They are all nice people to me.
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  • Can someone from Ethiopia help me ouuuutttttt!!!?
    I have a race issue, lol. I am African American, I don't consider myself biracial, however I am fare skin from my father being biracial. So I used to work in Northern Virginia 15 minutes from D.C, where the majority of African immigrants were either from Ethiopia or Ghana atleast thats what I encountered. Well everyone from Ghana when I said I was black, was like nooo you are not, you are white, lol. Like they never seen light skin black women. I personally felt I had some traits of some women from Ethiopia. But anyway I have been doing alot of research on the different races and ethnic groups of the world... I found these ethnic groups for Ethiopia : Oromo, Amhara, Tigray,Somali, Sidama, Gurage, Wolayta, Afar, Hadiya, Gamo, and Kefficho .. yes I copied and paste lol.. But anyway every ignorant person I encountered says they are from Africa so they are black.. Im like hello have you heard of South Africa, these are the same idiots who think Latino and Hispanic is a race...
    What I am asking is what is the exact race of the majority people in Ethiopia, not to sound ignorant but alot of them look like they are mixed with black and Arabic... could someone WHO IS ETHIOPIAN shed some light on this for me.
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  • J-Man answered 5 years ago
    They are black.
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  • Autumn - Joy Killer answered 5 years ago
    I'm Somali (Somalis are not Ethiopians) and yes, Ethiopians are blacks.
    White South Africans are not native Africans. Natives of sub-Saharan African (ie. non-North Africans) are indeed black. :)

    EDIT: I'm not a guy, I'm a girl. What reasoning do I need? Geneticists use haplogroups to identify groups most related genetically, who came from a relatively recent common ancestor. Genetic tests show that Ethiopians are most genetically related to Eritreans, Djiboutis and Somalis, who are collectively known as Horn of Africans. Based on research, geneticists have concluded that those group of people are unique:

    "The most distinct separation is between African and non-African populations. The northeastern-African -- that is, the Ethiopian and Somali -- populations are located centrally between sub-Saharan African and non-African populations... The fact that the Ethiopians and Somalis have a subset of the sub-Saharan African haplotype diversity -- and that the non-African populations have a subset of the diversity present in Ethiopians and Somalis -- makes simple-admixture models less likely; rather, these observations support the hypothesis proposed by other nuclear-genetic studies (Tishkoff et al. 1996a, 1998a, 1998b; Kidd et al. 1998) -- that populations in northeastern Africa may have diverged from those in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa early in the history of modern African populations and that a subset of this northeastern-African population migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the globe. These conclusions are supported by recent mtDNA analysis (Quintana-Murci et al. 1999)."

    Despite what non-Africans believe, I think that Africans themselves know best their own history. Why must there be research conducted when we ourselves pass down our extensive histories from generation to generation? It's insulting to think that people actually believe that we are so incapable. No, Ethiopians and Eritreans (Eritreans are mostly Tigray), Djiboutis (who are Afar and Somali), and Somalis (who are Somali) are not mixed. But people don't seem to want to accept that answer, even when given by people of those heritages. If I said they were mixed, would people more easily accept that answer?

    I'm not upset with you, just tired with people asking "Are Ethiopians mixed, are they really black?" or asking the same question about Eritreans, Djiboutis and Somalis. I myself get asked that in my daily life. What seems to confuse people are our features - we tend to have smaller noses, thinner lips, curly or wavy or straight hair, etc etc. Why is that so surprising to see on a black person? Africa, according to scientists and DNA tests, is the most diverse continent:


    Sub-Saharan Africans are especially the most diverse: "Sub-Saharan Africa displays more diversity than anywhere in the world.":


    Sub-Sahara African natives are black. No, white South Africans are not native to the land. They are of European ethnic ancestry, as are all whites. Those of the Americas are different so it's not of any use to compare Hispanics to Africans. Today, most of the Americas are countries populated mostly with settlers from other places. The only natives of the land are the Natives. European settlers invaded, took over, and populated countries like Canada, America, and some South American countries. They also brought over kidnapped slaves mainly from West Africa and sometimes from some parts of Central and Southern Africa. The descendants of the black slaves mainly populate Caribbean countries like Jamaica and Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and others. In some Hispanic countries, there are whites descended from European settlers and who mixed with the natives (the descendants of this racial admixture are the mestizos) and in some there are blacks, whites, Natives, and mixes of these, etc. So Hispanics are obviously not a race, some can be fully white, fully Native (which is not very common) and fully black. Most of the times however, they are mixed, so they can be mestizos (part white and part Native), part Native and black and white, etc.

    Unlike the Americas, Africa is not made up of mainly countries populated by settlers from other continents. South America is a country where there are people who are not African in origin and whose ancestors are from Europe, India, and other places. White South Africans are the biggest population of non-Native Africans yet they only form 9.1% of the population, Native Africans make up 79.3% of the population. Also, these white South Africans are descended from Dutch settlers and English settlers. This is a well-known fact. They are not like Latinos as they are not mixed race and are not native to Africa.

    Now it's established that Africa is the most genetically diverse continent, especially sub-Saharan Africans, all native sub-Saharan Africans are black and that white South Africans are not native to the continent, and that Latinos are not like South Africans. As the most genetically diverse people, is it not then possible that sub-Saharan Africans are capable of many and various features? Yes, they are. However, the reason why people doubt the diversity of blacks is that they have an idea that only certain features equate with "blackness" and that anyone who have features that don’t fit their image are not black or are mixed. Now I repeat my question: why is that so surprising to see on a black person for some people? Because what people think defines "blackness" is based on black Americans. Black Americans are the descendants of mainly West Africans, brought over during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. As an African myself, I can tell you that with each group of Africans, there are certain characteristic features which is how Africans can usually tell one another apart. Features often equated with “blackness” (such as full lips, wide noses, darker skin, kinky hair, etc) are common among certain West African groups, Bantus (who are spread from Cameroon to Central Africa to some part of East Africa), Nilotics and other groups of people. Because the black heritage that blacks in the Americas have is mainly West African, they usually have the features of West Africans. However, this is a poor indicator of “blackness”. Even among West Africans, Bantus and Nilotics, they may have other features. Blacks are capable of a great many features and it is ignorant to have such a narrow view of blacks.

    Other groups of sub-Saharan Africans such as the Ethiopians, Somalis, Eritreans, Djiboutis, Fula people (who are found in countries in West and Central Africa), Woodabe (of Western and Central Africa), Nubians (of southern Egypt and northern Sudan) and others all share features that seem to have gotten your interest in the race of Ethiopians. All of these people are black. So why is it that Ethiopians are thought to be mixed when there are so many unmixed blacks who share the same features and are not black? Consider the sub-Saharan countries surrounding the landlocked country of Ethiopia: Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, and Kenya.


    In all of these countries, there are groups of people who share the features of Ethiopians. The Nubians of Sudan and the Kamba of Kenya look much like Ethiopians as do the majority of the population of Eritreans, Somalis and Djiboutis. So will people then say that all of these people as well as the Fual, Woodabe and others are mixed? They are not mixed. Also, if one were to propose that Ethiopians are mixed – how did non-blacks enter the landlocked country? Why isn’t the invasion, admixture, and remnants of the populations of invaders known in history? After all, Africans do pass down their long history from generation to generation.

    So what proof can there possibly be that Ethiopians aren’t mixed? There’s no need to prove that something didn’t happen, everything I’ve explained proves that they are not mixed. Instead, there needs to be proof that there are mixed – and no such proof exists.

    The exact race of Ethiopians is black - native sub-Saharan Africans. There are no more classification of their ethnicity and race than that. They are simply Ethiopians or as they and other Africans call them: Habeshas. They include Amharas, Tigrays, Oromos, Afars and other groups.


    I've known Ethiopians and have some Ethiopian heritage. Does that count? lol

    I tried to give a short answer but you want an explanation so it went a little long because in order to explain completely, the reason why these people's "blackness" is questioned in places like the Americas and Europe, common misconceptions, and some other things must be outlined.

    Of course there is Internet in Ethiopia. Here is a link to a fellow Y!A user who is Ethiopian and lives in Ethiopia. He is very intelligent and helpful, if you want, message him yourself about the race of Ethiopians:
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  • Ja answered 5 years ago
    ethopia does not have internet


    common sense
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