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Fat burning question?

I'm currently trying to both get in good shape and build muscle but I have some belly fat I would like to get rid of. My current weight lifting regimen is 3 days a week upper body including abs and 3 days a week lower body. This amounts to 5-6 hours of intense weightlifting a week and I have good nutrition(low fat high protein and carbs) and I can tell that I am building muscle. However, my cardio is pretty bad(I can run 1.5-2 miles before I need to quit) and I want to improve it. I know that when you run on an empty stomach your body uses your fat stores. So, my question is, when I run on an empty stomach, will my body go for my fat stores or will it go for the muscle that I am building?


Allow me to clarify something. I have and never will use supplements of any kind. They are a waste of money and have little to no benefit. Me eating healthy is quite enough.

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    Don’t worry. Your body will only use the proteins in your muscle mass as a last resort (when you have no fat reserves left).

    That said, you should not run…you should walk/jog, and certainly not on an empty stomach. Maybe your cardio is pretty bad because you need a heart monitor to stay in your HRT zone (Heart Rate Target) and a good meal beforehand so everything is easier and more efficient if you have an adequate blood sugar level.

    I went for a walk/jog once before breakfast and I did a weight training session another time, before breakfast, out of curiosity. Everything felt harder, I was slower and weaker, I could not progress compared to the last was a disaster. I'm the kind of person that really needs to eat an hour or two before exercising then I'm full of energy and...bring it on!

    Your body needs about 20 minutes to start using fat reserves when doing low intensity aerobics (walking/jogging, not running) but less than 10% of the population can directly tap into fat reserves. I’m not one of them.

    At the end, it’s up to you. You can have a difficult and hard cardio (before you need to quit), feeling tired and even exhausted. Then you get hungry, eat, and store that energy for tomorrow. OR you could have a good meal, a high blood sugar level, an easy, efficient cardio so you burn more calories at the end because you’re using them when they’re still easily accessible in your blood and not stored as fat reserves yet.


    Your "Additional Details" are both amusing and touching.

    Nobody is trying to sell you pills, those are just spams from automated systems that will be deleted by Y/A's own automated system. Just ignore them. Nobody's there anyway.

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