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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 1 decade ago

Child access: My ex is slandering my name, and making my life hell.?

She is lying through her teeth and has accused me of hurting my children, getting the police and child protection in. i was informed of this by chance, because of her so called court evidence she is producing. She has got her close friends to give a pack of lies too. At all avenues she is trying to block me seeing my children, i feel like giving up but miss my children so badly it hurts so much. Will the judge be bias, or will they listen to me, i have no lawyer due to money shortage.

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    You need an attorney. If you are going to court as a result of child neglect/abuse/endangerment charges and are indigent, in some states an attorney will be appointed. Despite popular belief, your ex will have to have VERY compelling evidence, more than hearsay, to support such allegations and completely deny you visitation.

    Have you actually received any court papers? Have you been contacted by the police or child services? If you haven't, then it is most likely gossip only.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do you have any witnesses to the contrary? People that have seen you around your children often enough that can attest that you do not harm your children and have never done so? If she is lying then fight back! Don't give in because eventually she will have your children believing that you actually did something to them.

    Get witnesses, call around to lawyers and see if they will consult you for free and take your case pro bono. Or call legal aid and see if they can help you. Ask for a counselor to speak with your children without either you or your ex present to get to the truth. The counselor will be unbiased and ask them if they've ever been harmed by either parent. And ask that their conclusions be used as evidence in court.

    Go and talk to a lawyer. Borrow money if you can. Discredit her friends' testimonies. Find evidence of your own.

    The judge is supposed to be unbiased. They are supposed to take the best interest of the children into account. Since she's taken this to child protection services, you're not looking good. Your best bet is to make that look like the biggest load of crap on the planet.

  • 1 decade ago

    Welcome to the world of divorce. A woman scorned is a living hell!! Do yourself a favor and get all the evidence you can to help clear you from all the allegations. This will put a damper on what she is trying to achieve and not letting you see your children. The more you can prove to the judge that these are false accusations the better your chances. Get your friends to vouch for you than, it will be her word against yours. Don't give up' Always do whatever you have to do to let your children know it's not you but, your ex. the older they get, the more they will see it's was never you and then the tables will turn on her but, it will be a long drawn out proce

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    Sorry to say but, this is just another thing that women usually do to men to further hurt them & most of the time the judge believes the woman. You may be able to hook up with some mens rights groups online to give you some helpful info about your state you live in, and may be able to help you get a lawyer. Women for years has been looked at as the poor little innocent victim. The ones that choose to do you wrong usually get away with it, and then we wonder as a society that men don't want marriage! Not all are that way but,fewer good ones actually exist. If they pretend to be an Angel, my advice is to remove her halo and look for the horns! And if upon chance you do find one without horns one day do your best to do her right for the rest of your life.

    Source(s): repetitive experience,& observation
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  • Frank
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    1 decade ago


    The feminist courts will believe anything she says even WITHOUT evidence or proof. She wants custody, she wants someone else and she wants YOU to pay for it with outrageous alimony and child support.

    Get a lawyer NOW. If you think you have no money now wait until you're paying out your *** for the rest of your life with alimony/CS. Don't wait until your good name is completely ruined by this whore either.

    Yes, the judge WILL be biased, but the laws are against men anyway.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are a guy. The judge will be bias against you. Sorry dude. Join the club.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get yourself a lawyer and fight back to gain access to your children..

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