I'm a first time flier and need help?

This coming Tuesday (the 20) I'm flying for the first time ever. I'm flying from GSP SC to Newark NJ. I have an hour layover in Washington DC at Dulles Airport. I have no idea what to expect for security and everything. I know the dimensions for my luggage but thats it. I don't know the do's and don'ts of carry on baggage and my one checked bag. I'm flying United and I plan on having one suitcase and my carry on bag. If anyone could help me understand what all is allowed and not allowed please help!!!!!


It is the same airline...I just change planes

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    Today, look at your confirmation and make sure that the name exactly matches the ID you will be using. If your ID says Jane Marie Doe, then the ticket must also say Jane Marie Doe, not Jane Doe or Jane M. Doe. If it is different, call the airline and get the name corrected.

    Before you leave home on Tuesday, dress for the trip. Dress comfortably with as little jewelry as possible. Forget any metal accessories, such as metallic belts, and big buckles and bangle bracelets, etc. Also, avoid wearing boots. instead wear shoes that can be removed easily.

    You will have to remove "layers" so avoid wearing vests, suit jackets and other outerwear: a shirt and jacket suitable for the weather is best.

    When packing try to limit yourself to one or two pieces of checked baggage. Each bag will cost money to check. Most airline allow a personal carry-on, plus a purse or briefcase.

    Limit the amount of liquids and gels in your carry on bags. All liquids and gels you carry on, must fit in a one-quart zip lock bag and must be removed from your luggage for screening.

    Once you get to the airport, find your airline counter. Most airlines now have automated check in. If you are checking baggage, you must pay to check it (except Southwest). If you have a credit card, slide it into the machine. At this point, the card only records your name to help find your reservation. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you are checking baggage, you will be asked the number of pieces and if you want to use the same credit card to pay for the checked baggage. When you are finished your boarding passes will print out. The agents will call your name and you can give them your luggage.

    Now that you are checked in, it is time to go through security.

    You will need your boarding pass and your ID (this is why both must match up). Once the TSA agent confirms that you are the person who is flying, you will get into the screening line. This is where your previous planning will pay off.

    Remove your shoes and any jackets and vests. Also, remove heavy belts, and jewelry. (if you are smart, you will already have either left them at home, or packed them). If you have a computer or Video recorder with a tape, remove it from your bags. Also remove your liquids. Place them on the belt and stand with them until they start through the machine.

    Walk through the arch, with your boarding pass in hand, collect your belongings on the other side, move away from the screening area and get dressed. (Rookies dress and put their stuff away while standing at the end of the x-ray belt. That just makes people angry. Be a pro and gather your stuff up and move away. There are places to sit which are out of the way once you move away from the screening area.)

    Next, follow the signs to your gate, have a seat and wait for boarding.

    When you get off the plane in Washington, check the monitors for your gate. (It may be printed on your boarding pass, but the gate could change.) If you have time, grab an expensive soda and hot dog and then head to the boarding gate. You will not have to go through security again in Washington.

    When you return from your trip, just reverse the process, but by then you will be a seasoned travel veteran.

    Happy Travels

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    The best source for clear and concise information is the following US government website. It is very helpful.


    That site will tell you all about what happens in the airport and in respect of security and I would add a couple of bits of general advice.

    1. Do not leave any small valuables in your checked bag. Things like documents, jewelery, cameras and so forth should be in you hand luggage.

    2. Keep your ID and travel documents to hand for when you need them

    3. You can take anything your purchase after you go through security onto the plane with you. If this changes there will be notices to say so.

    4. Apart from the things mentioned above pack anything else in your checked bag and use a TSA approved lock. (Sometimes they open your bag your bag and having a TSA approved lock saves the lock being cut off which occasionally damages the bag.

    5. Keep your luggage receipt in case your checked bag goes astray

    6. Hang onto your boarding card for a while after the flight in case for some reason you need to claim

    7 Finally, join United's frequent flyer club.

    Source(s): Ten to twelve long and short haul flights a year
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    The best resource for what is allowed and not allowed in carry-on and checked baggage is TSA, here's a link for prohibited items:


    The most commonly misunderstood items are lighters and aerosol. Common (disposable) lighters are allowed in carry-on but not in checked luggage. Aerosol is generally not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage. Though can be brought in limited quantities, they don't really specify. If you use aerosol hairspray for example you might want to bring the pump type, which is allowed in checked baggage or 3.4 oz or less in carry-on or just simply buy what you need when you get to where you are going.

    For security, be prepared so you don't hold up the line. Have your boarding pass and ID ready to show at check points, sometimes more than once, so keep it handy always. Going thru security you'll have to remove your shoes, so wear shoes that you can take off and put back on easy. Don't wear lot of metal, such as big belt buckles or alot of jewelry. The less you have to remove the easier it is. Underwire bras are fine, they don't usually set off the metal detector. Remove coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, but only if you are wearing something suitable underneath. Make sure you have all your 3.4oz (100ml) liquid items in a quart sized zip lock bag before you get to security, you are only allowed one quart sized bag per passenger. Take the quart sized bag out of the carry-on bag and place it in the bin provided, with your shoes, and other items etc. You can combine items in one bin but don't overload it, use more than one bin if necessary. For laptops, remove them from your carry-on as well and send them thru in a bin. You'll be fine, sounds a lot more complicated than it is, you'll quickly get used to the process. Here's the TSA link for their 3-1-1 liquid procedures:


    You may also want to poke around other areas of the TSA site for add'l information.

    Have a great trip!

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    pretty much just don't bring anything dangerous in carry-ons. no lighters, anything flamable, no knives, razors, blades, or anythink sharp, nothing made of metal like wrenches or screws, no liquids ?(like soda, arosol, or hair spray) but you can put someof those things in checked baggage that you don't bring on with you. at security, or any other place at an airport, it's hard to make a mistake cause there are so many airport workers and sighns. if you don't know what to do, just ask someone who works there and they will help. an hour layover is not very long, but if it's the same airline the whole way, you should not have to re-check your bags duing the layover.

    Source(s): i fly between north america and south america every year
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