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celebrities - Prem Nazir - world famous greatest actor - Do you know him ?

Abdul Khader, better known by his stage name Prem Nazir, was a Malayali Indian film actor

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    Prem Nazir a malayalee Muslim by birth and excelled in Malayalam, and Tamil films for more than 40 years in 1950-70 was a great actor appeard in many melodrama movies.

    Prem Nazir is the only actor in the world who has acted as the lead Hero in nearly 1000 films. Prem Nazir, with his extraordinary talent and loveable face inspired great film works in Malayalam. A recored 39 films with South Indian star Prem Nazir as hero were released in a single year-1979. The late Prem Nazir played the leading role with 85 heronies in his 60-year career and holds the world record for pairing with Sheila in 110 Malayalam films. He has acted in 107 movies with heroin Sheela only..-

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    Abdul Khader (7 April 1926 - 16 January 1989), (Malayalam: പ്രേം നസീര്‍), better known by his stage name Prem Nazir, was a Malayali Indian film actor. He is considered as one of the all time superstars in Malayalam cinema. He is referred to as Nithya haritha nayakan (Ever green hero).

    Nazir holds three Guinness records; one for playing opposite the same heroine (107 films with Sheela) for the lead role in over 700 films and for acting in lead role in all 39 films which were released in a single year(1979). The Government of India has honoured him with the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest civilian honours respectively, for his contribution towards Indian cinema.

    @stranger in mumbai..stop your comments. what do you know about the greatest actors of india ? if you don't want to answer please skip.

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    He used to be one of the popular actors of malayalam films in the 60s and 70s.He i think set the world record for acting with the same heroine(sheela) as a pair for the most number of films(125 i think)

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    Yeah, I know him, he's a famous Malayan/Indian actor that was born April 7, 1926 at Chirayinkeezhu, Travancore at British India. He died on January 16, 1989 (aged 62) at Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. Never got to see ONE of his movies though.

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    great malayalam actor

    Has also acted in tamil pictures too

  • No i don't know him . what's the point of wasting 5 points ?

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