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Why german cars are harder to turn than other cars?

I have drived Volkswagen, Opel, BMW, Mercedes and SEAT (this one is spanish but most of the parts are german) and I feel them very hard to turn. But Fiats, Renaults, Peugeots, Chryslers and Hondas are softer to turn. I have drived some Fords (like Mondeo and Ka) and also are very soft to turn. Why is this? Are techonologies different?

*Sorry for my bad english :P

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    Many of the German cars are designed for greater driver feedback (being the country that brings us the Autobahn). Having less obtrusive power steering that makes it harder to turn gives the driver a better feel of the road and more confidence because it gives a sense of solidity. Fiat aside, French cars and most American and Japanese cars are designed less for an 'enthusiast' crowd and more for everyday comfort, so they make the steering quite light.

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  • Judi
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    sounds like an ignition problem to me.

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