What's the best reference on crop rotation?

I'm looking for a book that tells me everything I need to know about crop rotation; the history of crop rotation, comparisons of various forms regarding yields, what other technologies were needed for a particular form, the works. Trying to look up a reference myself only got me political tracts disguised as books.

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    Ecological Applications, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Feb., 1993), pp. 92-122

    Crop Rotation and Intercropping Strategies for Weed Management

    Matt Liebman, Elizabeth Dyck


    Liebman's a Prof in Agronomy at Iowa State


    Heck - you need no more from me, just read HIS suggestions


    Planting date effects on winter triticale grain yield and yield components

    Author(s): Schwarte, A.J., L.R. Gibson, D.L. Karlen, P.M. Dixon, M. Liebman, and J.-L. Jannink

    Crop Sci, 46: 1218-1224, 2006

    Seed mass affects the susceptibility of weed and crop species to phytotoxins extracted from red clover shoots

    Author(s): Liebman, M. and D.N. Sundberg

    Weed Science, 54: 340-345, 2006

    Demography of Abutilon theophrasti and Setaria faberi in three crop rotation systems

    Author(s): Heggenstaller, A.H. and M. Liebman

    Weed Research, 46: 138-151, 2006

    Integrating measurements of seed availability and removal to estimate weed seed losses due to predation

    Author(s): Westerman, P.R., M. Liebman, A.H. Heggenstaller, and F. Forcella

    Weed Science, 54: 566-574, 2006

    Agroecosystem restoration through strategic integration of perennials

    Author(s): Schulte, L.A., M. Liebman, H. Asbjornsen, and T.R. Crow

    Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 61(6): 164-169, 2006

    Determination of compost respiration rates using pressure sensors

    Author(s): Sadaka, S.S., T.L. Richard, T.D. Loecke, and M. Liebman

    Compost Science and Utilization, 14: 124-131, 2006

    Integrating principles of nitrogen dynamics in a method to estimate leachable nitrogen under agricultural systems

    Author(s): Burkart, M., D. James, M. Liebman, and E. van Ouwerkerk

    Water Science and Technology, 53(2): 289-301, 2006

    Residual effects of composted and fresh solid swine manure on soybean growth and yield

    Author(s): McAndrews, G.M., M. Liebman, C.A. Cambardella, and T.L. Richard

    Agronomy Journal, 98: 873-882, 2006

    Seasonal patterns in post-dispersal seed predation of Abutilon theophrasti and Setaria faberi in three cropping systems

    Author(s): Heggenstaller, A.H., F.D. Menalled, M. Liebman, and P.R. Westerman

    Journal of Applied Ecology, 43: 999-1010, 2006

    Post-dispersal weed seed predation by invertebrates in conventional and low-external-input crop rotation systems

    Author(s): O’Rourke, M.E., A. Heggenstaller, M. Liebman, M.E. Rice

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    Organic soil amendment effects on weed seedbank dynamics

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    Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment, 111: 63-69, 2005

    Impacts of integrated crop-livestock systems on nitrogen dynamics and soil erosion in western Iowa watersheds

    Author(s): Burkart, M., D. James, M. Liebman, and C. Herndl

    J. Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences (on-line), 110, G01009, doi:10.1029/2004JG000008, 2005

    Are many little hammers effective? Velvetleaf population dynamics in two- and four-year crop rotation systems

    Author(s): Westerman, P.R., M. Liebman, F.D. Menalled, A.H. Heggenstaller, R.G. Hartzler, and P.M. Dixon

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    Planting date effects on winter triticale dry matter and nitrogen accumulation

    Author(s): Schwarte, A.J., L.R. Gibson, D.L. Karlen, M. Liebman, and J-.L. Jannink

    Agron. J, 97:1333-1341, 2005

    Chemical characterization of soil phosphorus and organic matter in different cropping systems in Maine, U.S.A

    Author(s): Ohno, T., T.S. Griffin, M. Liebman, and G.A. Porter

    Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment, 105: 625-634, 2005

    Germination and early growth responses of crop and weed species to composted swine manure under greenhouse conditions

    Author(s): Menalled, F.D., D.D. Buhler, and M. Liebman

    Weed Technology, 19: 784-789, 2005

    Using matrix models to determine cropping system effects on the demography of an annual weed

    Author(s): Davis, A.S., P.M. Dixon, and M. Liebman

    Ecological Applications, 14:655-668, 2004

    Timing of application and composting affect corn (Zea mays L.) yield response to solid swine (Sus scrofa L.) manure

    Author(s): Loecke, T.D., M. Liebman, C.A. Cambardella, and T.L. Richard

    Agronomy Journal, 96: 214-223, 2004

    Corn growth responses to composted and fresh solid swine manures

    Author(s): Loecke, T.D. , M. Liebman, C.A. Cambardella, and T.L. Richard

    Crop Science, 44: 177-184, 2004

    The effect of natural mulches on crop performance, weed suppression and biochemical constituents of catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) and St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.)

    Author(s): Duppong, LM, K Delate, M Liebman, R. Horton, F Romero, G Kraus, J Petrich and PK Chowdhury

    Crop Science, 44: 861-869, 2004

    A laboratory exercise for teaching depth of weed emergence concepts

    Author(s): Gibson, L.R., M. Liebman

    Weed Technology, 18:473-479, 2004

    Impacts of composted swine manure on weed and corn nutrient uptake, growth, and seed production

    Author(s): Liebman, M, FD Menalled, DD B

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    Penn State Univ. has a large agricultural program. I have found lots of information on their sites. You can download what you need.

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    I good place to start would be your County farm extention agent.

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