Where do I find empirical data on firms' lobbying activity?

Where do i find data on firms' lobbying activity?

Hey guys,

google couldn't help me. I'm asking you.

Here the thing: I'm writing a term paper (25 pages long) on the topic "Firms as political actors". And I desperately need some empirical data (case studies, if you wish) like true primary sources on firms' political lobbying activity. Like what exactly DaimlerChrysler/ BMW/Monsanto/ TeleCom/ Phillip Morris/ or any other company in any other industry did-do-is doing in Brussels or DC.

Where do I find such info ? Am I supposed to kill my eyes by reading all the newspaper articles ever written with regard to this topic? Or maybe there is an online source providing such data ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Try going to the government lobbying disclosure database:


    Lobbyists are required to register their activities quarterly. You can run searches and come up with your own empirical data. For example, I just ran a search with Client Name "Ford" Filing Year "2009" and Issue Data "Energy." It returned 20 quarterly filings. Just click on each one and see what they spent. It's a short pdf form, very easy to ready. The very first one tells you that Ford, through Alpine Group, spent $40,000 attempting to influence the vehicle emissions standards in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    It will take you a little while to run through a search for each of the formerly-big-three, but you know your data will not have any biases ... except the ones you bring to your search, and those you can disclose in your paper. Best of Luck!

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    4 years ago

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