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Please write me what do you think when you hear word "Kazakhstan"?

Please take it seriously, because i really need your opinion for my Research!

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    For me Kazakhstan is a country I had visited multiple times. It brings back memories about great times there, it's beautiful mountains, great and sunny weather, wonderful fruits. My first memories about Kazakhstan are about its' really funny fairy tales.

    Kazakhstan is a country with a rich historic heritage, country that was exploited and served as a place for punishment and exile for many innocent people, as well as a place of Baikanur aerodrome.

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    If you mean what we associate it with, I would say:

    1. Baikonur Cosmodrome

    2. Steppes

    3. Tian Shan Mountains

    4. Nomadic people

    5. The former USSR

    6. the Unfortunate Aral Sea

    7. Oil and Gas

    There are many many other things. These are the first that came to my mind.

    Hope this helps.

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    I instantly thought of my english teacher pronouncing it correctly and saying it over and over again, forcing us to say it.

    A nightmare.

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    I think of the Soviet Union of course.

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    I think - "my homeland" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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