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endo ablation and pregnancy?

Hi I had an endo ablation about 8 years ago. It worked for me wonderful no periods until last year I had about 4 or 5 very light and just as sudden as they started they stopped other then the endo I have used no other birth control as it was my believe I could not get pregnant and as I had no periods for all of them years I did not think about when I got into a new relationship and I the odds are against me due to the fact not only the endo but I also had an ectopic pregnancy but had 4 kids with that but not with the endo as well. also feel that my and my partners age would be against me getting pregnant I am 48 he is 58. however I have been gaining weight I am an overweight women and would not see my tummy bump yet but the scales on the scales before christmas 09 I was about 85ish kilos and comfortably size 14 jeans. Now scales is about 88ish kilos and size 14 jeans are very tight now and more comfortably in size 16 this is australian size's for those in other countries. My diet or meal size have not changed and nothing new in my life style but I don't know why I have gained so much weight anybody knows for sure can you get pregnant after having an endo have you or do you know somebody that have,also would this be about the right weight gain in kilos I had my last light period about early-mid november.... real answers please. thanks in advance.

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