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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

even if even though的用法區別?


not even

even if

even though

even so

even then

even when

的用法區別 ,謝謝。

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    我另外加了一個even as

    先來看 even 最基本的定義

    even - adv. used to emphasize something that is unexpected or surprising in what you are saying

    not even 就是 not + even

    ex: He never stopped working, not even at Christmas.

    They did not even offer me a cup of tea.

    even when 就是 even + when


    even if - 1 used to emphasize that something will still be true if another thing happens. 2 used for emphasizing that although something may happen or may be true, another situation remains the same: She's going to have problems finding a job even if she gets her A levels.

    even though- 1 used to emphasize that something is true although something else has happened or is true. 2 used for introducing a fact that makes the main statement in your sentence very surprising:

    even though he's 24 now, he's still like a little child.

    even so - spoken1 used to introduce something that is true although it is different from something that you have just said. 2 used for introducing a statement that seems surprising after what you said before: I know he's only a child, but even so he should have known that what he was doing was wrong.

    even now - used for saying it is surprising that something still continues. in spite of what has happened: Even now, after all these years, he cannot mention her name without crying.

    even then - used for saying that something is surprising after what has happened. in spite of what has happened: They’re going to spend £5 billion on our railway network, and even then it won’t be as good as the French system.

    even as - used to emphasize that something happens at the same moment as something else: He realized, even as he spoke, that no one would ever believe him.


    Even - usually goes before the word or phrase that you want to emphasize because it is surprising

    teven usually goes after an auxiliary verb or modal verb

    even is not used to introduce another clause.

    You can use 'still' with these expressions, but do not use 'but' or 'yet'

    順便請教您您手邊有什麼像這種問題(類似)的資料/報告/資訊 可以分享的嗎?

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