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should the US leave NATO?

I wil state I am against further NATO expansion but I am not sure if NATO is still needed.

On one hand the logic that we need strong reliable allies is perfectly valid but on the other hand

we have the issue if the money we spend to keep troops in Europe wouldn't be better spent patrolling the border and ports or paying on the deficit.

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    NATO was believed made after WWII. Main reason i think its around is because of all the different weapons were used during WWII and how basically none of them were really compatible with the other nations. US was US only. British was British only. If anything the one political thing the US should get rid of is NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). That is the one thing that has really destroyed the economy. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan don't really help that situation.

    I think really NATO is somewhat of a good thing but it should only be more aimed at our strong relation allies, like the UK and try to make the relation with Russia much stronger.

    I say get rid of NAFTA, biggest mistake economically made. It has done more damage than good. And also cut ALL relations with all Asian countries where we have our goods made. That is giving our people of the USA no jobs and really hurting our economy. We've had really more problems with our companies in foreign countries then when those companies were in the states. If we close all of our companies out of China and all of those countries we will be better off in i say close to 30 years down the road. As long as Obama keeps himself in check and not royally screw us over like he is with this health care reform then we should be good. My brother once told me "You don't really see what the previous President did until 10 years down the road". At the moment, we are still suffering from Clinton and now starting up with the Bush administration. One thing i personally really hate from the Bush admin, is the No Child Left Behind Law. With that I now have to pass the state tests to graduate from high school. If i don't i have to keep retaking them.

    Obama is trying to also put an all weapons ban so no civilians can own guns. If you think about it we are almost becoming a communist country. Just yesterday my US History teacher said that if Obama wanted too, if he saw the next election and saw it like it wouldn't have him win that he could get rid of it and stay president for ever.

    Sorry I got a little off track but i had to put that stuff out there.

    I think the US should remain a NATO country but have it really aimed at our strong allies and try to become better with Russia.

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    The US defence budget is vast. Its spending on the illegal invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan amounted to literally trillions of dollars. The cost of Nato specific spending is tiny by comparison. Furthermore without Nato assistance US military adventures would have been more costly financially and politically.

    The USA is gaining much more from Nato than it is contributing.

    However continental Nato must wonder whether the USA has already left. America's failure to honour its security commitment to Ukraine must have unnerved American allies - they have been good allies of the USA, but it seems that the USA is only a fair weather friend to its allies.

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    Excuse me, yet what the **** do you recognize approximately Afghanistan? NATO were left to attend to Afghanistan virtually on their own after the U. S. dragged us over there on a similar time as they desperate to pass **** around in Iraq for some reason. Canada secured and rebuilt the full Kandahar region virtually on their own on a similar time as many different NATO worldwide places worked with something of Afghanistan. in case you pass away NATO, who do you artwork you will form this new alliance with?

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    Yes. Most of NATO is made up of countries with small militaries and are using U.s. might to degrade their own militaries even farther. If the U.S. were to leave NATO, it would be cheaper for the U.s. and more expensive (because they would actually have to defend themselves or die) for those European nations.

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    No let me guess your an Orthodox

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    The US is NATO.

    Should the US leave America?

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