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im only 14 btw

me and my bf have been going out for 4 months. he's gorgeous

We kiss all the time in public , school and stuff. This has happend like 4 times , we kiss in his rom and then he kisses my stomach and boobs and them pulls my pants and undies down and he tries to 'you know what'but i pull them straight up. I have told him i dont want to have sex yet , he says ok and then does it again , i have only let him finger me, i dont know what it is but im not ready for that yet , should i let him do it ? what should i do ?



oh and he is 17

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    your relationship is to young for all that. its only 4 months old.

    I say talk to him about that and plan things out BUT make him wait until you are 100% ready for ALL the goes with sex ( good bad and ugly)

    IF he honestly truely madly loves you with all his heart he WILL wait until your ready no matter how long that is.

    I made my bf wait 2 years ( if that is not a yeast of love what is)

    I encourage you to wait until after high school to be sexual ( oral, anal vagin whatever) so that you don't have to risk or worry about risking you basic edcaution. ( last thing you need to worry about is being pregnant or STDs while trying to get out of school)

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    Well Sweetie you already answered your own question:

    " i dont know what it is but im not ready for that yet"

    do as you say and tell him that you're simply not ready for that. If he keeps on insisting you may have to stop going to his room girlie.

    hope I helped :D

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    your 14 dating not even a year. your gonna regret it. its pointless hes a middle school boyfriend who prob only wants to experiment you. and it doesn't matter if he kisses you in public "4 times" dont have a boyfriend if its just for popularity

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    It's your body, don't let him do anything you are not comfortable with. He'll keep trying cuz that's just what boys do, don't be mad at him for it, just be firm in what you want, don't let him dictate your decisions.

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    i think you may just be nervous. thats how me and my gf were, wed do everything but she werent quite ready to go that far. if you dont feel comfortable though then dont do it

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    I agree with Shanna but my girlfriend loves it so if you like being pleasured it feels good.

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    lol now where have i heard that story....

    but yeah if you feel that you are not ready then don't let him...

    you got to feel comfortable with these things :)

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    wow...i really don't know what to're 14 and you are more descriptive that i would've thought a 14yr old should're a kid for christ sake!

    Source(s): kids are crazy this days...and yes im 18 but some have done worse stuff that i would ever do
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    you shouldnt do anything your not ready for really

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    where are your parents and what are they doing they should be more involved in your life and monitoring what you are putting online

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