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What does "Does 1-10 Inclusive" mean when filing a complaint?

I am trying to fill out the form myself, and using a template from another case. There are multiple Defendants, and I need to know if I should add this term. Also, what does it mean?

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    Rick is correct. I would only add that when you name Doe defendants, it means if you find out who they are in name later and the statute of limitations has run, if you filed the complaint BEFORE the statute runs, the Doe defendants cannot claim that as a defense.

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    It means people whose name you don't know. They are referred to, in US courts, as "John (or Jane) Doe".

    Let's say you are beaten up outside a club by Bob Smith, Jimmy Jones, and five other people whose names you don't know. You would file a lawsuit for your medical expenses against Bob Smith, Jimmy Jones, and "Doe's 1 - 5 inclusive".


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