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How in the world did al pacino not win academy awards ?

This is the biggest JOKE, BS, " THE OTHER WINNERS HAD GOOD FRIENDS OR CONNECTIONS, INJUSTICE, the world has ever seen. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever watch or take any of these award ceremonies serious. NO CREDENTIALS. I have usually watch the Godfather I and II one or twice a years. These two are one of the best movies of all time. Al Pacino role as micahel in part 1 and 2 is unbelievable. In part one he is all innocent and scared. towards the end he becomes a Don and a real boss. In part two he becomes ruthless. HOW DID HE NOT WIN. Am i watching the same movie or what ? i'm being serious

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  • LilyRT
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    for the first movie, Pacino was pretty unknown and was up with two other Godfather actors for best supporting actor: Caan and Duvall--both of which also gave great performances. So I think the three split the Godfather vote.

    and as far as the second, I agree that he and Jack for Chinatown probably knocked each other out of contention. Plus, Art Carney's performance was great, AND he was the sentimental favorite because of his Honeymooner's background.

    I agree that both Pacino performances were great, but they were both very subtle. They weren't as showy as some of the other peformances. Also, because he was still pretty new, people didn't know if Pacino wasn't just playing himself.

  • Maus
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    First of all, relax. Have you seen the movie that won the award? Maybe the academy thought it was a better movie. Even if you're a movie expert and think that the Godfather is no doubt the best movie of all time, I'm sure there are other movie experts who disagree with you. Even if Al Pacino should've won it, sometimes **** happens.

  • R
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    Probably bc Marlon Brando was in the same film and for part II he was up against Jack Nicholson for Chinatown (although neither won so the judges must have not liked them). He should have at least won for Serpico instead of just getting nominated.

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