will my 1999 dodge dakota clear these tires?

I Have a 1999 dodge dakota sport 3.9L 5spd 4x4 It clears 32" tires with no problems on stock suspension. I bought and am installing a 3" body lift on it will it clear 35" tall tires? I think so cuz the seller said 2 to 3 tires sizes bigger so will it clear 35" tall tires?

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  • 10 years ago
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    depending on your offset of the rim, they will probably drag inside the wheel wells.

    Source(s): Had a 97 with 3 inch body, 4.5" suspension and it still dragged with 33 on aftermarket rims.
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  • valle
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    3 years ago

    I had 32"s on my dakota with a three" physique bring up and that they did no longer rub on the fenders. however the tires could rub on the physique interior the front while i could turn. I reined my front tire from permitting them to rub on the physique. It tore off products of rubber, some as huge as a golf ball. i do no longer think of there is everywhere you ought to purchase a physique bring up larger than 3", yet you may make your individual physique bring up. pass on google and ask the thank you to make a physique bring up?

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