Please!!Middle Namesss Help~?

Alyson or Alison;;; I need a middle name

Cora Rayne or Cora....

Elizabeth(Lyzzi) Need Middle name

George-Anne or Georgia-Anne (My great grandpa's name was George.)

Hannah Paige or Hannah....

Jillian Shay or Jillian....

Kennedy Love or Kennedy....

Kylie or Kiley.... (Need middle name)

Roslyn....Need middle name

Ruby Lorianne or Ruby...

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  • 10 years ago
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    Cora Rayne- very cute!








    Hannah Paige-lovely!




    Jillian Shay- adorable




    Kennedy Love- its okay I dont really care for Kennedy.....





    Roslyn -beautiful!





    Ruby Loraine- PERFECT! DONT CHANGE IT.

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  • 10 years ago

    Alyson Grace

    Alyson Marie

    Alyson Rae

    Alyson Leigh

    Cora Jade

    Cora Grace

    Cora Sophie

    Cora Madelyn

    Elizabeth Rose

    Elizabeth Kate

    Elizabeth Paige

    Hannah Lily

    Hannah Paige

    Hannah Grace

    Hannah Riley

    Jillian Lauren

    Jillian Amy

    Jillian Louise

    Kennedy Love - I wouldn't use this name personally but it's your choice. Jeniffer LOVE Hewitt and Jamie KENNEDY - y'know

    Kennedy Hope

    Kennedy Mae

    Kennedy Elle

    Kylie not Kiley

    Kylie Jay

    Kylie Jo

    Kylie Joanna

    Kylie Abigail

    Kylie Amelia

    a short name sounds cute like Kylie Jo :)

    Roslyn Gabrielle

    Roslyn Kate

    Roslyn Julie

    Roslyn Grace

    Ruby Lorianne - I would choose Ruby Lorraine! this sounds better :)

    Ruby Fleur (french for flower)

    Ruby Louise

    Ruby Anne

    Ruby Mae

    Ruby Kate

    a short one syllable name for Ruby would be better but I also like:

    Ruby Madison

    Ruby Abigail

    Ruby Madelyn

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  • xoxo
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    10 years ago

    Alison Willow

    Alison Scarlett

    Alison Paige

    Cora Elizabeth

    Cora Isabel

    Cora Madeleine

    Elizabeth Brooke

    Elizabeth Norah

    Elizabeth Lily

    Georgia Anne...why on earth would you name her George??? Take out that trashy hyphen and use Anne as the middle, you can nickname her it if you want.

    Hannah Grace, Paige is nice too though!

    Jillian Shay!

    Kennedy means ugly head and is a MANS name, and a last name, so forget both and PLEASE dont do Love thats so trashy and stripper like

    Kylie Giselle

    Kylie Michelle

    Kylie Elizabeth

    Roslyn Nicole

    Roslyn Camille

    Roslyn Kimora

    Ruby Samantha

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  • 10 years ago

    Alison Joanne

    Elizabeth(Lyzzi) Quinn

    Kylie or Kiley Marie

    Roslyn Taylor

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  • 10 years ago

    Elizabeth Grace

    Hannah Mae

    Kylie Natalia

    Roslyn Faith

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    what are u asking?!?! this is confusing

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