Why did science erode your Christian faith?

How did it erode your faith? Was it false science represented as true science that convinced you?

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    1 decade ago
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    The more I know scientifically about something the more I feel that there is a God and my Christian faith gets stronger.

    It is impossible to ignore the beauty of the nature, and how things are all carefully correlated in a way that by the use of of the intelligence the human has been able to achieve solutions to many issues on this earth.

    The denial of some scientists about God due to scientific explanation of most of the things around us does not represent the believes of the rest of us that believe that science is just the art of knowing how things work our of God's creation.

    I personally find impossible to explain that the evolution in all of these billion years lead spontaneously to the perfection in so many things in the nature, there must be a God that has turned things to evolve in that direction.

    The link between science and Christianity does not make too much sense, I think the question is around God or no God when talking about science and religion. Christians are God believers and that is what matters when bringing science facts to prove some of the wonders of this world.

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    Why did science erode your Christian faith? - It never did, can't erode what doesn't exist. (Never was a believer)

    How did it erode your faith? SEE ABOVE

    Was it false science represented as true science that convinced you? ALSO SEE ABOVE

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    Why did Christianity erode your science? How did it erode your science? Was it false Christians represented as true Christians that convinced you?

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    That's like asking "How did finding out your mom put money under your pillow erode your faith in the Tooth Fairy?" or "How did reading a biology book erode your faith that babies are brought by the stork?".

    Geology, Biology, and History books should all be banned for contradicting the Bible. Or we could just admit that the Bible was written thousands of years before we began using the scientific method, carbon dating, paleontology and archaeology.

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    1 decade ago

    It didn't.

    The total and complete lack of evidence showing any god or magic jesus are real is what did it.

    It just so happens that science provides a number of verified, backed-by-evidence explanations for the way the world and universe work that show christian myths to be, well, myths. But honestly, I didn't find out about most of those until I'd already realized there was no evidence for any god, and even if science knew absolutely nothing I still wouldn't believe in magical gods -- no evidence.


  • imrod
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    1 decade ago

    It hasn't. I love science. I bore my family watching it on TV. My favorite websites are science sites. My favorite magazines are science journals. I find it fascinating. That doesn't mean I bow down and worship science. That doesn't mean I believe science has all the answers. It does not. Science by its own design begins with hypotheses. And there are many many hypotheses out there that have not been verified, and probably will never be, especially when dealing with origins. I'm not into people who claim they have omniscience and have decided for us all that God cannot exist. Really it is only questions of origin where science and religion really debate. And that believe it or not is a very small and narrow area indeed.

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    1 decade ago

    No dear, it was the ludicrous nature of that religion that helped me see it as the fairy tale bs it is.

    How can science be false? Do you even know that science is not a body of knowledge but a method?

    Are you fuzzy on alot of things like that? It makes it easier to believe in irrational things when one keeps one's self ignorant and confused.

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    I saw it coming. Politics gets into anything, it makes lies. With politics, science can be the greatest "Lie Generator" because science is respected far beyond it's fallibility. Science isn't finished being corrupted by politics. When the Roman Catholic Church was respected (through fear), they had politics come and make it even worse than it was. The same thing is happening now with science.

    EDIT: The same thing! Fear is causing people to succumb to the efforts of politics: Global Warming, Ozone Holes, etc. Not yet the great Inquisitions of the RCC of old, but theories of great harm if the people do not succumb to more control over themselves.

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    1 decade ago

    The Bible eroded my Christian (Baptist) faith. Science had nothing to do with it.

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    No, actually, what eroded my Christian faith was God's inability to provide me comfort and answers during I time I needed it most.

    I left Christianity, and I've never been happier.

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