What are some good anime?

What are some good anime? yaoi or regular doesn't matter.

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    There are a vast variety of genres to choose from. If you don't have a preference...here's a few I like with a brief description:



    Detective Conan (Case Closed):

    Mystery, slice of life, light comedy, drama and touch of romance.

    17 year old Shinichi Kudo is a famous detective who helps the police solve cases. After encountering a secret criminal organization he is forced to take a drug which instead of killing him as they criminals intended, shrinks to a 10 year old's body. He adopts a new identity to keep those around him safe, and continues to solving mysteries while trying to track down the mysterious Black Organization. Very well written. Kind of Encyclopedia Brown meets James Bond's Q (gadgets) in modern day Japan. Also a minor romance backstory. One of the best anime out there in my opinion. Over 500 episodes and 13 movies.



    Ah! My Goddess

    (Oh! My Goddess is the manga which is on going). Male lead Keiichi Morisato is a college student who is good natured and plagued by bad luck, Belldandy is a goddess who is sent to grant him one wish. Very low fanservice. The emphasis is on story. Avoid the OVA. as it was too short and rushed...stick with the movie and the 2 tv seasons. Light comedy mixed with romance and little insights into modern Japanese culture.

    -My all-time favorite.


    Tomoya Okazaki high school student who is a loner and had an unpleasant childhood. Nagisa Furukawa a shy girl who missed a year of school due to illness. A second underlying story is also present. Same people who did Kanon and Air.

    Clannad After Story:

    Wrapa up the storyline and carries it up to 10 years later.


    Yuichi Aizawa is a high school student with vague memories of an unpleasant past...his life is impacted by five other girls. This anime is a bit more on the supernatural side. Same people who later did Clannad. Get the second series...a re-do with more episodes and higher animation quality.

    Ai Yori Aoshi:

    Very good graphics...Core story is good, but the anime does tend to derail from it a few times (compared to the manga). Two that were promised to be married at childhood are separated and later on the marriage doesn't happen...somehow the two find themselves involved in each other's lives. Out of print (you can find copies at a decent library or find a used one at various places as it was published up until 2007.)

    Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us):

    Top quality animation and story involving students at an all-girls religious school. Lives and the relationships of the students are the focus of the story. Be advised this is considered shojo-ai (nothing explicit again) and may not be to everyone's taste.

    Fruits Basket:

    Very well written slice of life school comedy romance mixed with aspects of chinese zodiac.


    Because yes I like the occasional harem too.

    Love Hina:

    Comedy (borderline slapstick silly...I mean a teenage girl who can punch a guy across a block)

    Pow! To the moon. Childhood friends make promise to meet again at Tokyo University. Now the boy's grown up...and he has to get in because he forgot the girl's name and face that he made the promise to.


    Student trying to get into college rescues a persocomm (human form computer) from the trash. Some comedy, slice of life and deals with deeper/complex issues as the future of humanity in a world where relationships with machines becomes possible.

    Shonen (beat-em ups, action)



    A bit dated and still worth watching. Yuuske Hakasho is a deliquent student, cuts class, gets into fights...pretty much written off as far as the powers above are concerned...until he sacrifices his life to save a young kid. Yuuske is given a second life (and chance) and becomes a Spirit Detective, fighting supernatural threats. Traditional start small, get big fighting anime.

    D. Grayman:

    Steampunk alternate world turn of the century (19th) London/Eruope. Kid with divine powers fights off supernatural threats while attempting to stem off an apocalypse. On going. A bit dark and pretty well written.

    Drama, mecha, action


    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex:

    Two separate seasons in a near-cyberpunk future. Section 9 an elite police squad of ex-mercenaries tackles special cases too difficult or sometimes too politically hot to handle. Lots of plot twists, betrayals...and you don't always get the happy ending. Very well written. It's not non stop action but the animation quality is about the best you will see. Note this is NOT the same continuity as the movies.


    Hibiki gets stranded on a pirate ship with two his compatriots. They come from a completely gender segregated society. The pirates, who come from the other planet are all women. Two seasons, each 12 episodes that actually make one complete story arc. Some comedy as well.


    Mai Tohika and her brother Taku

    Source(s): I watch a lot.
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    - 5 Centimeters Per Second (movie)

    - Air

    - Azumanga Daioh

    - Barefoot Gen (movie)

    - Case Closed

    - Castle in the Sky (movie)

    - The Cat Returns (movie)

    - Clover

    - Comedy

    - Cowboy Bebop

    - Cyborg 009

    - Damekko Dōbutsu

    - Death Note

    - The Dog of Flanders (movie)

    - The Familiar of Zero

    - FLCL

    - Fullmetal Alchemist

    - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (movie)

    - Grave of the Fireflies (movie)

    - Haibane Renmei

    - Hell Girl

    - Howl's Moving Castle (movie)

    - Kiki's Delivery Service (movie)

    - Kino's Journey

    - Kogepan

    - La Maison en Petits Cubes (movie)

    - Mononoke

    - Mushishi

    - My Neighbor Totoro (movie)

    - Nanami-chan

    - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (movie)

    - Ouran High School Host Club

    - Ponyo (movie)

    - Princess Mononoke (movie)

    - Rave Master

    - Rumbling Hearts

    - Rurouni Kenshin

    - Samurai X

    - Spirited Away (movie)

    - Voices of a Distant Star

    - When They Cry - Higurashi

    - Wolf's Rain

    - Yu Yu Hakusho

    Source(s): Animes I've watched and loved.
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    Durarara. One piece. Naruto shippuuden. Giant killing. Hitman reborn. D grayman.claymore. Hellsing. Blood +. Baka to test to shokenjuu. Ookami kakushi. Bleach. Rainbow. Death note. Code gease. Gintama. Fairy tale. Hijame no ippo. Eyeshield 21. Love hina.

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    - Seriously NEEDS TO END!!!??? => Pokemon, Naruto - Is way too overrated!??? => Naruto, Bleach - Deserves to be part of or will be part of Anime History!? => FMA - Has the most... > Annoying Characters. => Naruto > Nudity but isn't hentai. => Elfen Lied > Bloodiest and Goriest scenes. => Elfen Lied > The Best Artwork. => Death Note > Has the worst ArtWork. => bobobobo - Is your Top Favorite!!!?? => Rave Master - Is Popular but you never seemed to get into it or did watch it but didn't like it??? => Naruto - Is underrated and needs to be more noticed and watched by more people??? => Rave Master - Needs to be made ( I mean that it's only in Manga form and hasn't been made into an Anime yet)??? => Superior

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    The Boondocks

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    Hentai is quite interesting.

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    just any anime title? then try...

    -Vampire Knight

    -Fruits Basket



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