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the hunger games by suzanne collins questions...?

1) has the capitol only taken over north america? if yes, then why don't the rest of the world help take them down so that the districts could be free?

2) does the arena have a fence so that the tributes can't come out?

3) who lives in the capitol exactly? are the rules less strict there? why are their names not in the reaping?

(i don't know if i missed out these parts when reading the books.)

soooo, i'm half way through catching fire and i love it!!


1) hunger games or catching fire?

2) gale or peeta?

3) haymitch or cinna?

4) prim or rue?

5) who's your favorite character?

6) who would you team up with if you were in the games?

7) who do you want katniss to end up with?

8) what do you think will happen in the third book?

9) who do you want to play katniss, gale, peeta, haymitch, cinna, prim, president snow in the movie?

10) rate the hunger games 1-10.



9) which celebrities do you want to play the characters i meant. also, which of the characters are you most like? =)

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    1a. Yes the Capitol has only taken over North America for reasons unknown.

    2a. It's a arena, so it has boundaries. Katniss, I guess, didn't go toward the end of it.

    3a. Most of the government (well they're more like dictators) lives there with some really odd looking people. One would guess the rules are less strict there. Their names aren't in the reaping because they live in the capitol, so they control the other districts. Not themselves.

    1b. Hard question. I personally can't decide. I love the Hunger Games more than I love Catching Fire. Probably because I just got #2.

    2b. I say... Gale. It's apparent that she loves both, but her love for Gale is stronger

    3b. Cinna, obviously. Haymitch is mainly drunk, confrontational, stubborn etc. BUT! he can be very insightful. I would prefer Cinna over Haymitch.

    4. I would have to say... TIE! I love Rue and Prim's characters. I only think that Prim should be strong though, and grow emotionally. Rue, I think, was a strong character but her size lead to her downfall. I know that was something she couldn't control but perhaps, she thought that she was as strong and big. Rue is a lot like me. But I picture both of them as cute, little girls. So I have to say tie.

    5. Katniss. She's a very strong, independent, wild, complex character. She's my favorite because of just the way she is, her characteristics, her heat that she feels, her personality. I find her likable, even though some contenders may not agree with me.

    6. I'd team up with Rue,Thresh,Peeta,Cato and Foxface. It's a winning combination in my opinion. Rue because of her ability to heal, climb and jump from tree to tree. Thresh because he's HUGE and strong. A good body guard. Same with Cato. Foxface because of her way of sneaking and thriftiness.

    7. Gale.

    8. I have no idea, it can go so many ways.

    9. RUE!! I think I have a chance at getting that part. I would say... Alex Pettyfer as Peeta,Lucy Hale as Katniss, AnnaSophia Robb as Prim,Yara Shahaidi as Rue, Logan Lerman as Gale.That's all I got for now.. lol

    10. A perfect 10!! I love the series.

    11. I'm most like a mixture of Rue and Katniss. When I'm mad, I ocassionally throw things and get really really mad. It takes a while for me to calm down. I'm like Rue because I can climb, I'm small (I'm currently 4"11 and I'm thirteen) and thin (96lbs). I'm suspicious and I sometimes feel that people are trying to kid me, even when they aren't. Rue's description matches me to a T! I love music and my family and to other people I'm just a innocent little girl. That's why I like Rue and Katniss so much...

    The links below are pictures of my dream cast for hunger games.

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    Question answers..

    1) The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world. They basically live by their own rules, and north America is probably the most densely populated place on earth at that time. I don't think there really is the rest of the world. The same rules that apply now, don't apply, because the world is completely different. It's basically live of die.

    2) The arena is just a very vast area. I think there is some kind of force around the edge, although most of the tributes don't even meet the edge of the arena because it is so massive.

    3) The capitol is basically the government. It controls everything that goes on, and is a very wealthy area. The rules are less strict, I suppose, because they are the ones that created them. Their names are not in the reaping because The Hunger Games is their tradition. They are the most powerful people alive, so no one is going to rebel against them. It's their entertainment.


    1) Both :)

    2) Gale all the way. Although Peeta's cute cause he makes cakes :)

    3) Haymitch is awesome, but I'll have to say Cinna. He's one of my favourite characters.

    4) Rue. Prim is just annoying.

    5) My favourite CHARACTERS :) Cinna, Haymitch, Mags, Finnick and Katniss.

    6) Errr..hmm? I wouldn't team up with anyone. I mean, maybe Katniss, but that's about it. Everyone else is too vicious or weird :)

    7) Gale.

    8) Who knows...

    9) I haven't a clue.

    10) Possibly the best book I've ever read. 10.

    Hope I help you :)

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    oh my goodness, i LOVE the hunger games! they are my favorite books in the whole word and i cannot wait for mockingjay! lets see if i can help you...

    1) yes, the Capitol has taken over north america, or whats left of it. why cant the rest of the world help them? well, we dont even know if the rest of the world exists, it says in the books there have been many multiple major disasters, so everything is not where it should seem. we dont know if the rest of Earth exists, maybe in the 3rd book we will find out!

    2) no, the arena has little deflector shields, like the rooftop in book one. later on in catching fire you will find out more about these

    3.) who lives there: thats like asking who lives in wahington, D.C.! random people, i guess, besides Pres. Snow. Rules: well, there is no Hunger Games there... we really dont know much about the capitol. why: they dont have names in the reapings because they are the ruling city of Panem


    1- hunger games

    2-PEETA! 100%!! love that dude!

    3-haymitch...u just gotta love that guy! fave character in both books! we ♥ u rue!

    5- rue

    6- rue or peeta or katniss, deff. not the careers! lol

    7- peeta.

    8- i think, that they will win the rebellion, and that either peeta or gale will die, maybe both. from the way suzanne collins writes, not everything is going to have a happy ending!

    9- i dont know...those people are going to be pretty hard to cast!

    10- um... 11!!!!! i really, really, REALLY love these books!


    9- i am most like rue, or everyone says. i'm that innocent girl at school, the soft-spoken one that loves her siblings and family a lot, and who LOVES music and birds!! i love rue, maybe its cuz i am wayyyy like her!


    i love the hunger games. i hope u can get some use out of this info!!!

    cant wait for mockingjay!

    cant wait for the movie!



    Source(s): hunger games = best books in the WHOLE WORLD! viva the hunger games!
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    1. It is possible that the "PeaceKeepers" Collins describes are UN (United Nations') Peacekeepers. They may have been sent in during the "Dark Days" presumably to quell the human rights' abuses and then established themselves as the government (my personal theory).

    2. The arena is surrounded by a force field (deadly if touched)

    3. We do not know who exactly lives in the capitol. Their names are not in the reaping because they (presumably) were not part of the rebellion, and are therefore not "punished".


    1. Both are amazing. Mockinjay (coming out in August) will probably be the best of the 3.

    2. All signs point to Gale's survival and Peeta's death

    3. Cinna

    4. Both

    5. Cinna

    6. I would team up with the individual most likely to help me survive the longest

    7. Gale (or remain single)

    8. see below

    9. n/a

    10. 9.7

    A list of potential foreshadowing passages (with suggested interpretation) follows:

    p. 6 "I know I can never replicate his [Gale's] eye for balance, his instinct for where the prey will cross the path. It's more than experience. It's a natural gift"

    Gale will play a pivotal role in designing a plan to ensnare the enemy (i.e., Capitol sympathizers) in the end

    p. 8 "You know, when I get back from the tour, I was thinking I might take Rory out with me sometimes. After school. Teach him to shoot."

    Hazelle will die. Katniss and Gale will raise Gale's siblings.

    p. 14 "Just the sound of his [Peeta's] voice twists my stomach into a knot of unpleasant emotions like guilt, sadness, and fear. And longing. I might as well admit there's some of that, too. Only it has too much competition to ever win out."

    Katniss and Peeta will not become a romantic couple, regardless of whether or not Peeta survives.

    p. 50 "I find the exit door, force it open -- triggering some sort of alarm, which I ignore -- and jump to the ground, expecting to land in snow. But the air's warm and balmy against my skin"

    Katniss (and at least some of the members of the rebellion) will escape Capitol control, but their escape will not go unnoticed, nor will it be without significant cost.

    p. 52 " . . . but I don't know what your favorite color is?", he says.

    A smile creeps onto my lips. 'Green. What's yours?'

    'Orange," he says.

    'Orange? Like Effie's hair?" I say.

    'A bit more muted,' he says. 'More like . . . sunset.' "

    Katniss will live (green = life). Peeta will die (sunsets = endings/death).

    p. 61 "Then, from somewhere in the crowd, someone whistles Rue's four-note mockingjay tune. The one that signaled the end of the workday in the orchards. The one that meant safety in the arena"

    The rebellion will succeed.

    p. 69 " . . . district ruins are going to be all the rage this year"

    There will be a very high cost to pay for the success of the rebellion. The destruction will be widespread and severe.

    p. 98 "What about Peeta's family? They'll never come. In fact, they probably couldn't wait to inform on us."

    Peeta's mother may become a Peacekeeper informant.

    p. 114 "So, it's starting again', she asks. 'Like before?' "

    There as been an uprising in the recent past in District 12. Both Haymitch and Katniss' parents played an integral role. Plans for the current rebellion have been in the works for quite some time.

    p. 141 "We don't think so. We think they believe we were killed in a factory explosion"

    Katniss' father is alive (his body was never recovered). The mine explosion was a planned retaliation by the Capitol, which Mr. Everdeen (and possibly Mr. Hawthorne) escaped. Mr. Everdeen is in hiding and helping to mastermind the overthrow of the government.

    p. 193 "I will not be the first to let go"

    Peeta will willingly give his life for the cause of the rebellion.

    p. 288 "Because it has to end somewhere, right" . . . The arena can't go on forever"

    There will never be another Hunger Games.

    p. 246 "He rouses me to see the sunset. It's a spectacular yellow and orange blaze behind the skyline of the Capitol."

    The rebellion may use a nuclear bomb to destroy the Capitol.

    p. 258 "Beetee questions the legality of the Quell in his nervous, twitchy way, wondering if it's been fully examined by experts of late"

    The rebellion may find a way to inform Capitol citizens of the corruption of their government, and persuade some to join the Rebellion.

    p. 286 "They reveal what was meant to be hidden and are therefore a weakness"

    The success of the rebellion will hinge on reveal the whole truth to the entire population (including both district and Capitol citizens)

    p. 329 " . . . he [Finnick] probably won't die in the jungle, so someone's going to have to kill him in battle"

    Finnick will die in the Rebellion effort

    p. 348 "It's a jabberjay . . . I thought they no longer existed."

    The Capitol may re-visit old strategies in trying to quell the rebellion

    p. 381 "He [Plutarch Heavensbee] will suffer for his failure. Probably lose his life"

    Heavensbee will die in the rebellion.

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    there names aren't mentioned in the book!!

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