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Ok, question about mma training?

I have a dilemma. I've been considering joining a martial arts academy for quite a while (in the hopes I could one day fight atleast at an amateur level), but the closest one to my house is 60 miles away in the next city. They have Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwando, as well as various different karate dojos around the area but again they're more than an hour and a half away from my home. Now I've just been told an mma training academy has recently opened in my area. I know how mma guys warn against "mma" themed training academies so I'm just wondering if its worth my time or should I make the trip out of town every other day? Thoughts?

Btw, I called the mma place in my town and the lady (yes, the instructor is a lady...huge like Lesnar but with hips) and she says her program teaches the fundamentals of becoming a well rounded fighter. They touch on karate, taekwando, boxing, kickboxing, and a little wrestling.

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    Ask that lady for a trial lesson. But from the sounds of it you'd rather make the drive anyway. If you can find a place that focuses mainly on BJJ, Kickboxing, grappling and wrestling, you'd benefit way more than karate or taekwando...

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    Ask the lady how many pro fighters does she teach, or how many fights the instructors have.

    (You can't be a kickboxing or boxing instructor if you have never kickboxed, or boxed, and don't have any students that have).

    A "little bit of wrestling" sounds like a whole lot of junk. This seems more like someone trying to capitalize on MMA. I am betting the lady is also a personal trainer (kings and queens of self promotion and commercialization), and most of their stuff is cardio kickboxing/boxing with some little crap thrown in, to make it seem like you are learning something.

    Ask her how much they spar, how often do they do full contact, how often do they "roll" or wrestle. Ask for her credentials. I am betting she has some rank in TKD, and then some other made up type of art, like Upkudo or something. "touching" on karate, tkd, boxing and kickboxing, sounds pretty shady to me.

    I think you are better off driving the 60 miles to check out a Judo club or Jujutsu, or Jiu-Jitsu (if it is spelled that way it should be BJJ), and maybe a Karate dojo.

    It sounds harsh, but studying crap only reinforces bad habits that you will one day have to unlearn (if you ever want to fight at even an amateur level) and having a little bit of wrestling, doesn't prep you for ground work or dealing with submissions... in fact what does that even mean? Is anyone of them a former D1 or D1A College wrestler? Who is teaching what is what i would find out, and what are their qualifications to teach it.

    Better to take the drive and spend the money on a real instructor, then help fund a total fraud. It might be closer, but if it is a waste of time, you are better off driving in my honest opinion.

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    There is the fat out of shape kids that wear tapout. They get called out and get their *** kicked. There is the kid that actually does some kind of martial arts whether it be BJJ, Kickboxing, Muy Thai. If your real about being a fighter then wear what you want you have the discipline to ignore idiots and use your arcane craft to hurt people if needed...

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    Any MMA gym that teaches taekwondo is a mcdojo period.If they don't have some form of ground combat ie...BJJ,CSW,wrestling.Or a good standup program,boxing Muay Thai,kickboxing.They are a mcdojo.Also i don't know wtf your talkin MMA guys warned against MMA themed gyms.People who fight MMA train at MMA gyms.

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