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2001 Audi TT Roadster brake problems?

My mate has a 2001 Audi Roadster. The brakes on her car are very squealy and vibrating a bit. We are leaving here this afternoon and travelling over 2 hours to stay at her mates. Her mate knows a mechanic near her who would take a look. This problem only started a few days ago. We're going to chance it anyways but how much would it cost to fix the brakes? We plan on leaving her mate's house Sunday morning. Would they be fixed by then? Thanks. X Sarah

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    Squealing means that your brake pads have reached their end, vibrating means that your brake discs reached their end because they became curved. Squealing sound is just a warning sound, you can still drive safely, but you must buy new brake discs and pads asap. For Audi TT Roadster, that's about 600$

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    Go to a local audi dealer and ask them to adjust the sensitivity using a computer called a 50/51. To maybe around 50% value. It's actually a very common problem during the winter months as the airs denser.

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    well the vibrating is from a messed up rotor. Your looking at for all new brakes for all rotors, and a set of new rotors in the front or back which ever it is, about 900-1000. If you do it your self its going to be about 200.

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    the brake pads have a noise tab on them to let you know that they need to be replaced. the vibration is a hard spot in the rotor. Take it to a shop and have the rotors turned and new pads put on. The more you drive it the more damage you will do and the more it will cost you to repair.

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    one that could be caused by dirt

    the other is most likely they are worn out

    and can be fixed by you all about 1'4 of what it would a mechanic would cost

    and I would NOT have them fixed in another town, what if something is not correct

    then you have to deal with some place two hours away

    have them looked at in YOUR OWN TOWN

    maybe you can get away with just the pads and not the whole thing

    but do it in your won town

    good luck


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