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I am a cadet with my local Sheriff's Office and they let me call in traffic stops and stuff like that, so what I was wondering, is how do YOU say a traffic stop over the radio? Your specific agency.

Ours are like:

"Alpha1_ _ traffic"

Disp. "A1_ _"

"Lancaster at State street on Alpha Brovo Charlie 1 2 3, it's a black 4 door"

Disp."A1_ _ copy at (TIME)"


That is how ours go, how does yours go? If you want to say.



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    Here's how ours go-

    Me: "123 to dispatch; traffic stop"

    Dispatch "Go ahead 123"

    Me: "Traffic stop at Main and First with Missouri license 123-ABC, 123 Adam Boy Charles"

    Dispatch "Copy, traffic stop at Main and First."

    No matter where you go, theyll all basically be the same, but with small differences due to agency policy.

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    "Control this is K3 initiating code 5 on a (vehicle color, make, and model) at (location), (state license and number), occupied by ( number of persons, race, and gender of persons), no need for backup (unless assistance is needed.)"

    Then you wait for the wants and warrants check to come back on the vehicle before proceeding. This is very important and so many older officers become complacent and act like it's not a big deal but when you've had a warrant come back and you find more than a dozen shotguns in the back of the vehicle you learn the importance of waiting on that wants and warrants check.

    You always want to get the description of the vehicle and location out first in case something happens and your back up needs to find you. The secondary information helps narrow down a suspect in case they take off or try to hurt you.

    You want the transmissions to be as short as possible. If you don't have overlapping transmissions you can "break" in between parts of your transmissions allowing for emergency radio traffic.

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    "76xx... Traffic."

    "76xx... Go ahead."

    "76xx... I'll be out at 123 Main Street with Adam Boston Charles 123, showing Missouri for 2010"

    "That's clear, 76xx. You're out 100 block of Main at 1500 hours."

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