Can you sell Mary Kay online only?

I would like to sell Mary Kay.. but can I sell it online online through the website? Right now I can't do personal deliveries due to transportation issues. How do I go about selling Mary Kay and what are all the fees associated with it? Do I have to claim it on my taxes?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, some consultants choose to sell 100% online and that's fine. If you can't do personal deliveries then you can ship your customers their orders and you won't even have to leave the house.

    If you make over $600 in a year, then yes, you are supposed to claim the income on your taxes. However, with any home based business you will get lots of write offs as long as you keep your receipts. Your cell or home phone and your internet bill all of a sudden become a write off, all your postage to mail customer items, your mileage, your start up costs, any inventory (optional), etc. So you may not owe taxes at all depending on how much you sell.

    In order to get started, you have to purchase a Consultant Starter Kit which is $100 plus tax and shipping - total it is about $115 give or take a few dollars depending on what your state sales tax percent is. In the kit you get $323 worth of products, and $200 worth of business supplies/samples.

    You make 50% profit from every sale you make. And if you are planning to strictly sell online, then you could sell the $323 in products from your kit and make your investment back right away.

    I have lots more info I can give you if you are interested in selling Mary Kay. You can e-mail me at and I can send you the link to get started!

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    Actually, 'ANYTHING' in income you earn even if it's 6.00 needs to be reported. Amounts 600.00 and above are reported to IRS in form of a 1099. Only a 'portion' of your home costs are deductible as business expenses. Percentage is based on what portion/room of your home is dedicated to business. The room cannot be a 'traffic' area or common room like a living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Should be

    more like an extra room not in use.

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