Gays didn't have hospital access to their partners?

I just head about Obama's demands to allow gays to visit their partners/make decisions for them in hospitals. That ISN'T the way it is NOW?!!! You have got to be kidding me!!! How on earth do we have legal gay marriages in countries across the world and gay partners aren't even CONSIDERED partners in hospitals?!!! Is anyone else as confused?!!!

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    It depended on the state. Anywhere South they'd kick you out, even with legal power of attorney. Florida banned a lesbian from seeing her dying 17 year partner. The only reason to do that is pure 100% evil spite. Welcome to America!

    ("Miami, FL, September 29, 2009) — The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida today rejected Lambda Legal's lawsuit filed against Jackson Memorial Hospital on behalf of Janice Langbehn, the Estate of Lisa Pond and their three adopted children who were kept apart by hospital staff for eight hours as Lisa slipped into a coma and died.

    "The court's decision paints a tragically stark picture of how vulnerable same-sex couples and their families really are during times of crisis," said Beth Littrell, Staff Attorney in Lambda Legal's Southern Regional Office based in Atlanta. "We hope that because of Janice's courage to seek justice for her family in this case that more people better understand the costs of antigay discrimination. This should never happen to anyone."

    While on a family cruise leaving from Miami, Lisa Pond, a healthy 39 year-old, suddenly collapsed. She was rushed to Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital with her partner Janice and three children following close behind. There, the hospital refused to accept information from Janice about her partner's medical history. Janice was informed that she was in an antigay city and state, and she could expect to receive no information or acknowledgment as Lisa's partner or family. A doctor finally spoke with Janice telling her that there was no chance of recovery. Other than one five minute visit that was arranged by a Catholic priest at Janice's request to perform last rites, and despite the doctor's acknowledgement that no medical reason existed to prevent visitation, neither Janice — who provided the hospital with a medical Power of Attorney document — nor their children were allowed to see Lisa until nearly eight hours after their arrival. Soon after Lisa's death, Janice tried to get her death certificate in order to get life insurance and Social Security benefits for their children. She was denied both by the State of Florida and the Dade County Medical Examiner."

    Obama heard about her story, was appalled, and changed the laws because of it. He phoned her up yesterday.

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    The entire base of your objection is laughable. He isn't forcing these people in your room, he isn't saying you have to like it, he isn't saying that they need to be allowed into rooms of people they don't know. However, he's saying that gay people should be able to visit their loved ones - much like straight people are able to do. That's called "human" rights. Note that our Declaration of Independence states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." Did you read it? Good! You'll notice how it says that ALL men are created equal. Not straight men, white men, Christian men or any other single type of person - rather ALL men. Now, read the last sentence over again - the case is clearly made that the government has the power and authority to protect the rights of ALL men. Sorry - your entire question and argument is bogus.

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    If you fill out a Health Care Proxy you can give your same sex partner the ability to make medical decisions for you, and access your medical records.

    Marriage automatically gives heterosexual couples that chose to marriage certain rights.

    Gay marriage is not recognized in most US states, and is not recognized by the federal government.

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    legal gay marriage has barely started in recent years, and it takes decades for people to adjust. the real point to me is different: hospitals should not have ANY authority to restrict patients' rights to have whoever they want visit them (what if someone has no partner at all at the moment, why should they be alone without a friend). this is complete nonsense, part of the way in which we are increasingly told what to do by officious bureaucrats of every sort.

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  • HMFan
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    Yes, it's true. That's one fo the rights AUTOMATICALLY guaranteed by marriage. That's why we're so keen on being able to have our unions LEGALLY recognized.

    By law, anyone not LEGALLY related to the patient in question can be barred from the hospital premises, for whatever reason. A vindictive family member can "express concern that the partner will cause a scene" and can have them legally barred from seeing their partner.

    It is a CURRENT state of affairs:

    In case you were wondering, power of attorney, right to inheritance, legalities regarding child custody and approximately 1,100+ OTHER rights are denied LGBT because "we can't get married." These are rights that heterosexual couples take for granted. Kind of shocking, isn't it?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's really frustrating, but I am happy that Obama is moving things (of this nature) in the right direction. I know some from the LGBT community complain that he took too long..but it's better late than never.

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    It's crazy, but true. Read up on the many ways human rights are squashed around the world. You'd be apalled.

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    I don't usually pay attention to these things since I am still pretty young, however I should start listening. I was surprised by this too. America really is outrageous.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I looked it up, and yes, it was due to an age-old policy implemented by Medicare and Medicaid.

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