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What Do You Think About Obama wearing a Sox hat, and He said It was His Favorite Team-and could not name ONE?

Player on either of White Sox or Cubs teams? Who besides me cringes when you see president take 17 minutes to answer a one minute question--and still never answered it..or trying to pretend he knows what he's talking about when it comes to baseball.

Why lie about knowing baseball when we could all hear he didn't know up from down?

We all know he's not that smart--and he keeps proving it every time he opens his mouth.

When are his radical followers going to see what an idiot Obama is?

He makes Carter and Bush look brilliant by comparison.

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    He claims the SOX are his team yet calls the old place where they played Cominskey Park.

    It's Comiskey Mr. President. It's sad. :(

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    Or let's see...I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since 1969. That makes 41 years. Follow them in the standings every year. Watch the playoffs when they are in. I am a nut about many sports, a fan but not a fanatic of baseball. The Braves are my team.

    But I could not name one player on the current Braves roster. Not one. Zero. Not all baseball fans follow the draft, play fantasy leagues or memorize rosters.

    So it seems that you are just looking for things to complain about that have NO bearing on reality.

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    id say its hardly fair to judge someone's intelligence based on their knowledge of baseball...i support obama even though i think he could be doing a better job...but even that's hard when so many right winged closed minded greedy individuals such as yourself for who whatever reason thinks that bush was better, prevent anything real from getting done...the reason this country is in the toilet it not obama's started with Reagan's policies which may have sounded great at the time but are now backfiring leaving America in shambles...obama is simply trying to clean up the devastating mess left by the republicans in office before him.

    Source(s): im neither democrat or republican as both sides have equally unappealing qualites but i do tend to side with the dems more often than not...i like to think of it in terms of the lesser of two evils....dems are wimps and repubs are overly greedy fear mongers but obama is really trying to accomplish something that will better humanity in general...i can't think of many republicans would do the same...they get elected by playing to the masses fears.
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    the sports thing isn't exactly his fault. it's part of the media's attempt to market obama to younger voters by making him appear more hip by giving his love for sports more attention, and he probably picked the white sox because he is from illinois. its just like how espn comes to the white house for him to fill out his ncaa tournament bracket but theyve never done that for any president before

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    It was for PR.

    I forgive him for this one.

    I can't tell you how many times I've been at a sports bar and had to feign knowledge of a team when asked. Certain kinds of people don't take kindly to guys that don't like sports.

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    I think he is human & probably didn't want to start naming favorites when his mind was on other things. You really hate him. You really should go see someone cause resentment like you have causes cancer. It will eat you up.

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    I think it proves he wants to rape our mothers and kill our children.

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    dude you sound kinda racist

    are you just upset cause a black man is president

    you know he's like half white right

    and he was raised by his white grandmother

    so chill already

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    It doesn't matter at all.

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