The review for Jornada 15 was very interesting, do you agree with this..............?

Toluca has an attractive game against Atlante and won 2-0 in a very competitive game, the score was too much of a difference for what was really shown in the field.

Los Camoteros reminded Atlas's Cantera that this is the First Division of FMF and too play in it they need to show balls and attitude. Puebla 2-0 Atlas in a single sided game when it came to attitude and discipline. Atlas had a good start but once Puebla started to dominate the clock Atlas had no idea what to do.

Indios quien ya desendio le dio un dolor de cabeza a Chivas who seemed to forget how to play in the mid field and has gone two games without scoring. Indios 1-0 Chivas in a game where Chivas seemed lost and everyone was able to tell that they don't have a lider in the last 2 starting line ups. Pehaps Marco Fabian should be put in as an enganche y distrividor de balones a los delanteros, danm you Indios danm you. With this win Indios is no longer the last team in Tabla General and Chivas becomes seond.

America and Pumas addede another 0-0 to their collection and this games starts to have more publicity than excitement. For the 7th game in a row between these two it seems to me like they leave their fans unimpressed and owing them a good rivalry.

Tigres what have you done!!!!!!! they pulled a 2-1 over Gallos Blancos but their fans seemed pissed off because the stadium was empty. The game seemed good but the names didn't attract much since Tigres has been having yet another bad tournament.

San Luis and Tecos promised a boring game on paper but the reality is that is was a pretty good game, the score was a 1-1 tie, and San Luis is the new sotanero de la Tabla General.

Morelia was over confident after beating Chivas 3-0 and was expecting an easy game against Jaguares in Morelia, but Jaguares reminded Morelia they too beat Chivas but they did it with the starting Chivas line up 4-0. With this in mind Jaguares pulled a 2-1 in Michuacan. Danilinho was the shining star of the game.

Monterrey couldn't beat a weak Santos team but a 1-1 tie was enough to put them as Super Lideres. The good news is that Santos was able to score again and this will make it interesting for the las 2 games competition specially against America because the winner of that game will qualify while the loser will go home and watch it on TV.

The most exciting game was between the brothers Pachuca and Cruz Azul. In Estadio Azul they managed to tie 2-2 and it was just a test to measure their power since both will be playing 2 more games in the CONCACAF Champions. Vamos Cruz Azul it's time pull one and pay back your lil brother for the 1-0 loss at home in the Final of Invierno 1999.


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    No mames, I only saw the first half of the Chivas v Indios game, and by reading this I practically know what happened haha, good sh!t Rigo. Newho, The Chivas game, ni se diga. Like you said the midfield is lost. Chivas has 4 midfielders but all with defensive qualities. There isnt one player that distributes the ball to the forwards, and the teams looks completely lost on the field. I dont know if we are going to be able to form a decent team with 2 games left. El Gaucho Avila is practicing again, but he has been away from the fields for months. He is a player we can really use right now. I really cant blame the Omar duo up front. They dont get any balls, its really difficult for them to score. Aver que pasa in these next games....

    The rest, seeing from the highlights this jornada was somewhat of a boring one. I know the Chivas v Indios game was somewhat of a sleeper. Pero the wannabe classico, i bet was worse. A game that gets so much hype and attention and ends up in a 0-0 tie. I actually predicted this score and im not surprised i got it right. Idk que le paso a el Morelia, they out played Chivas last jornada, and now they loose at home vs Jaguares who came from loosing to Wilas 3-1. I think thats one of the worst habits of Morelia, play good in one game and then play crap in another. Im surprised with the Santos v Monterrey game, I think Monterrey is a very strong candidate to win the title again.

    Now, im only looking forward to el Classico Tapatio, practically going to be Cantera vs Cantera, both very young players on the field, I hope is a fast paced game, and a good one. If Chivas losses again....ahora si ay que preocuparnos.

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    Chiapas 2-0 Morelia (30/39/31) Pachuca 2-a million Cruz Azul (25/39/39) Chivas 3-0 Indios (sixteen/50/one hundred) Querétaro 2-0 Tigres (28/39/33) Tecos 2-a million San Luis (25/39/39) Monterrey 3-0 Santos (23/39/40 4) Atlante 0-3 Toluca (30/38/32) Puebla 2-a million Atlas (22/40-one/40 8) Pumas a million-3 América (30/38/32)

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    If Puebla is as good as you say they are then why did they only score in counter attacks and not in a play they created? The Atlas subs need to remember that every time they attack they need to protect their defense, that's where they messed up. It's not cuz Puebla is better

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    man Pachuca played better i willl admit that but damn they missed the PK damn that was a game winning Pk but oh well we got 1 point..... lets hope we bounce back against Puebla.

    oh nice jornada review man

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    yup yur good dude u should be in jorge ramos y su banda arguing with them

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    BA ticalion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tottaly agreee on his point about chivas midfield!

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    yea i agree

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