What is the worst thing anyone's ever said to you on here?

Someone told me yesterday that if my child learns manners that it's due to the daycare and not because of me or my husband. I thought that was pretty rude and hurtful.
Update: What was the point of that answer Tracey?
Update 2: That's the thing JD, they don't. People assume they can say whatever they want on here because they are behind a computer screen in cyber space. It's still rude and offensive no matter what.
Update 3: It was just a question people. I'm glad that you don't let people's stupid comments bother you. And I think most of us come here to kill time. And a lot of us have created "online" relationships with other mommies because of it.
Update 4: No thumbs down from me Lottie...you know how they are on here. :)
Update 5: sweeteli - I met a girl on a cruise a couple of years ago with the name persephone. I loved it because I thought it was original. Someone once asked me why I was naming my daughter Haley and I said because we like it and that's all that matters. They found it plain and boring. To each their own. :)
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