Do you think the Beatles are overrated?

Personally, I've never been a huge fan but what's the big deal?They were revolutionary for their time but why do people my age (14-20) seem to place them on a pedestal? They're not that great and most of their songs are just acid trips. haha. Is it just about liking what's considered "cool"? I just really don't get it


I just mean overrated in a sense that people my age like them because they are who they are, not for their musical abilities. I respect the band a great deal but I don't see why people my age like to rant and rave about them when they weren't raised with them.

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    how can a band that accomplished the following(see below)be called overrated:

    the beatles inspired other artists and bands to write their own songs,they changed the artist/producer relationship in the studio,they changed the way music was made in the studio,they made an impact on pop culture that's being felt even as we speak,they made it fashionable for men to have long hair,they changed the way people perceive rock groups by not having the standard front man with backing group,they redefined what it meant to be an international celebrity,they inspired other musicians to use certain instruments and music companies to make instruments,they inspired other bands and artists to speak their minds about the relevant issues of the day,helped to change the perception of the rock album from being a collection of songs to a work of art,unofficially made english the language of rock and roll(thus inspiring many overseas musicians to learn english),lennon and mccartney were among the 1st songwriters to have a stake in the publishing of their songs,helped to inspire other rock groups to create their own record labels,they brought the music of india to the west by being the 1st western musical act to use indian instruments on their records,they were the ones who created music videos(though other artists like queen,MJ,and duran duran perfected the art form.they used the blueprints the beatles drew up!),one of the 1st acts to take a stand for civil rights

    need i go on...

    i think this quote from the compleat beatles says it better than i ever could:"it must be stoically accepted that the beatles were in the end a phenomenon of the 60's,the 70's and beyond were only to feel their influence."

    it's been almost 50 years since the beatles came out and 40 years since they broke up and the beatles are still remembered,talked about,and still influencing artists to this day!

    now to elaborate on how the beatles took a stand on civil rights:in september of 1964,the beatles were giving a concert in jacksonville,fl at the gator bowl,well word had gotten out to the beatles that the audience at the concert was going to be segregated,well the beatles and brian epstein sent a letter to the venue owners stating that if this was the case that they could have their money back and that the beatles would boycott the performance,of course racially separating the audience was never planned,but it said a lot about the beatles to take such a stand!also on that same tour,at a stop in philadelphia,the beatles were dismayed to find the entire audience for that show(13,000)were all white!

    if anyone is overrated it's the jonas brothers and all the other disney artists!

    they needed a mouse to get famous for pete's sake!

    also all the boy bands,teen pop acts,and teen idols are overrated as well because all they did was sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise,records,concert,and movie tickets and didn't make an impact outside of a commercial one!

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    Any band that has had the staying vigour of The Beatles, can not be viewed as overvalued. Some humans won't like The Beatles and are worn out of listening to something to do with them, however that does not lead them to overvalued both.The Beatles might write quality songs and the ones songs are nonetheless protected via band at present. They might additionally sing very good and had a aura approximately them. The Beatles could also be the Beethoven or Mozart of our new release and survive ceaselessly within the tune global.

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    They are not overrated. Whoever says so is likely not a part of the times in which the Beatles arose - which is like taking a comment out of context (it loses its meaning). Nor have they gained a true understanding of what the Beatles brought to music and culture. They affected the entire landscape of culture and music going forward from their debut.

    To say the Beatles were overrated would be like saying Mozart or Beethoven were overrated. Ignorant.

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    are you serious? Revolutionary for their time yes and that is exactly why (if the are not loved) simply respected today. They were the firsts to start a new genre - wouldn't you want to aspire to that in whatever it is you're looking to do?

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    Very much so.

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