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german translation "Was hast du gesagt..ich bin mein"?

my bf wrote this as his status and we are on the rocks right now...can someone give me an accurate german translation? i tried the translator services online and they don't make any sense..


Thanks for your help. It really doesn't make sense. He is american trying to be cool and speak german to, i guess, put out some message that i cant read, but he is obviously an idiot. whatever.

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    The online translator probably didn't make any sense because this sentence doesn't! "What did you say... I am my"

  • Audrey
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    5 years ago

    Du hast means you have...... Mesh is not a German word Mish might be a southern German way of saying mich , which means me. (Rather poor German!) If so, the meaning depends on what follows the "mesh" word Du hast mich .... just means you have me

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "What have you said... I am mine".

    That makes almost no sense, and it looks like pretty lousy grammar.

    Source(s): former german student for three years in HS
  • Rain
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    1 decade ago

    "Was hast du gesagt..... What did you say?

    ich bin mein ... i am my ...

    Source(s): native
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