will the volcanic ash, from iceland, spread towards bournemouth airports?

me and my family are departing tomorrow afternoon, to tenerife, but since there has been a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the ash is spreading southwards. It is near scotland at the moment, but i really hope it doesn't get to far down so quickly. is there any suggestions of how likely it is to get to the bottom of the UK before it disrupts UK flights?

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    The airports will have a fair idea already of when/how much they will be affected and thus which flights are likely to be affected.

    The official advice is to contact your airline as they will be informed about this, so I would give them a call as they will have the most up to date & accurate info, plus an indication of when you can get another flight if it is delayed/cancelled

    Reading BBC news http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8621407.stm then flights at Stansted and Southampton have been affected so it is already in the South England. How quickly it will clear is anyone's guess.

    So do call the airline. This is your best bet.

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    4 years ago

    This will improve the question: Is anybody able of capacity contained in the united states of a and Canada making contingency plans if North American airspace or area of it receives closed down simply by volcanic ash? ought to practice and bus passenger facilities be vastly more advantageous in such contingency plans to delivery passengers who otherwise ought to have flown, fantastically if the ash closes air area for months ?

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    It said on the news that Southampton airport is affected, but they said that problems may ease later today. Just keep watching the news, or log onto the airport websites.

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