Where are General Mills cash cards accepted?

I have this cash card (Discover Network) I found in a cereal box and I was wondering where they're accepted. Help please???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The gift card can be used anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted, giving more opportunities to shop where you like! ALso this site has a lot of FAQ's to these cards, you might wanna give it a shot- http://m.slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=12...

    You may also wanna try stores online, with the discover cash back credit you get up to 5% cashback everyday or up to 20% online on Discover's wide selection of cash back cards.



    Discover has announced that Federated's 450 Macy's and Bloomingdale stores began accepting Discover cards on April 1.

    "Federated is one of the nation's leading department store retailers and we are thrilled that they are joining the more than 4 million merchants on the Discover Network," said David W. Nelms, chairman and chief executive officer, Discover Financial Services, Inc.

    "This marks an important milestone for us because it means that another major U.S. retailer now accepts the Discover Card and more Cardmembers will get the chance to earn cash rewards from America's #1 credit card rewards company,"

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