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Any books/movies like the ones by Jane Austen?

Does any one know if there are some good movies or books similar to the ones by Jane Austen?

Some thing about Romantic Fiction in the olden days....late 1800 or early 1900.

The Jane Eyre book and movie

was the closest i have gotten.

(i have also read and watched books and movies by nicholas sparks, but i want something that involves romance the olden days)

thanks :)


thanks :)

and yeah, i watched atonement, very good movie.

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    You might like Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean-Rhys. It acts as a prequel to Jane Eyre even though it was written by a different author much later, its a very good book.

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    For videos, i'm exceedingly particular that each man or woman of Jane Austen's e book were grew to change into into videos. - experience & Sensibility - delight & Prejudice - Northanger Abbey - Emma - Mansfield Park - Persuasion you may also see a movie suggested as growing Jane, it quite is in accordance with Jane Austen's existence & love. It stars Anne Hathaway. The youthful Victoria is determined contained in the 1800's, and is depending on the real tale of Victoria, a previous queen of england. i believe the action picture Duchess is often similar, even although i have not considered it yet.

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    You might like "Bright Star" about the poet John Keats - it's a true-life love story.

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    Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

    It was adapted into several films.

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    romance books are your best bet. you can always find one in the time frame you are looking for. the prob is that most of the time they suck. what you will have to do is spend some quality time at your public lib.

    as for movies i would say that attonmnet is about the time frame you are looking for

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