How do I get rid of my man boobs?

Ive lost twenty pounds recently but my man boobs aren't going away. Any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    You can't get rid of man boobs so easily.They just won't seem to go.I had and still have the same problem(though much better now) and you really have to struggle hard to get rid of them.Things I had done:

    1. Cycling 5-6 miles.Result: 25" thighs of pure muscle but chest still the same.

    2.Bench press and chest workouts: Result you pack muscle on your chest but the fat does not go.Makes your chest protrude even more and the situation worsens.

    Only thing which is effective is SWIMMING. Breast strokes and butterflies.Don't waste time on freestyle.It may be embarrassing to go to the pool but try to go there when there are less people around.Don't eat red meat.70% diet should consist of vegs.Drink toned milk.Visit the pool everyday and try increasing the reps of chest workouts if you do visit the gym.Try to reduce calorie intake.Believe me, you possibly can gain muscle and lose man boobs simultaneously. Gain muscle or lose boobs.Select one. You can lose fat,not boobs.So start changing your lifestyle today.Best of luck!!

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    1 decade ago

    Most people claim that "man boobs" are caused by a hormone imbalance... what they don't realise is that this isn't the "root cause". A hormone imbalance doesn't just happen, something has to trigger it.

    Our bodies are made up of over 75 trillion cells. To stay vibrant and healthy they need 3 key elements...

    1) Oxygen

    2) Minerals

    3) Being able to get rid of their waste

    Because the western diet and lifestyle is so poor, our cells are seriously deprived (and these are the very building blocks on which we live). As a result some die, but even more worryingly; some mutate. Also, our bodies surround the pollution in fat to protect us from the harm it can cause.

    This is the real reasoning for a build up of fat in the chest.

    # Here's the crucial advice - Try this for the next 10 days and judge by your own results...

    1) At least 70% of your diet should come from vegetables. The cells in your chest need the minerals to become healthy again.

    2) Drink 3-4 litres of pure water a day. Water has been proven to remove fatty deposits almost immediately. It also contains essential minerals.

    3) Exercise aerobically for at least 20 minutes everyday. Your body has an internal sewage system called the lymph system. However, in order to get all the junk out, it needs to be manually pumped through deep breathing. By doing so, you're getting oxygen to the cells and getting rid of the waste.

    Understanding the cause of "man boobs" is just the beginning.

    Continue on to discover how to lose your man boobs. Simply follow the link and claim your complimentary course '5 Days To A Flatter Chest', courtesy of an expert in the field.

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    do push ups & lift weights..

    thatz the only thing i can think of.

    there really isnt much u can do...

    at least they will be muscle right?

  • Ilala
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    1 decade ago

    It is the only fat you cannot get rid of naturally

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