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how come the world is not punishing israel for making 100s of nukes & punish Iran who have nothing yet?

israeli r extremest people who admitted to own 100s of nuclear warheads which threaten all the mid-east & europe & the world, not only Iran.

How come the world put sanctions on Iran & not israel?

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    Very good question.Let's examine the UNBIASED facts here - Iran has NO KNOWN nuclear weapons, and, has attacked NO one in over 300 years- Israel on the other hand, since 1922(before israel) has attacked, brutalized, and, murdered Arabs stealing THEIR land(Palestine 93% Arab until 1922.Israel has started EVERY Arab-Israeli conflict EXCEPT, the 1973 War(Egypt get BACK her stolen Sinai).Israel HIDES her nuclear weapons for OVER 20 years(US intelligence think since 1959) from the UN and US. Israel REPEATEDLY attacks US citizens(the Lavon affair, Suez canal incident, the King David Hotel Massacre, the US USS Liberty, murder of RacheCorrie(US peace activist), much evidence indicate 911 was an Mossad FALSE Flag operations) Israel REFUSE to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty, threatening to nuke EVERY one, especially, the Iranians, ethnically cleansing the West Bank and Gaza strips(largest open air concentration camps in the world) to annex them - GEE - there you have it, a VIOLENT, MURDEROUS, nation threatening every one with anhihilation, ethnically cleansing(wiping off the face of the earth) two other countries that DO NOT BELONG TO THEM - that they invaded/occupied sin 1967 .Israel REFUSE to define her Northern and Southern borders- still occupies the Golan Heights of Syria, and, Lebanon's Shebaa Farms.

    Easiest answer - AIPAC.

    "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

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    The world is not "punishing" anyone. Radical Islam government is punishing their own people with their Ivoiced determination to execute complete GENOCIDE of Israel. They are very manipulative at making the "world" sanctions look like the bad guys, but those of us with brains understand this. Just shows Iran's leader cares nothing about his own people.

    Yeesh, wake up! You should count your blessing Iran hasn't been nuked yet.

    I feel for the people in Iran who do not support the radical leader, who is the one responsible for the sanctions.

    Source(s): Me, a Christian Zionist
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    somewhat in accordance the the liberals valuable IAEA we've reliable concepts they're, and none they they choose nuclear textile for non violent learn and medicines as they declare. extra, Iran has pronounced back and back that Israel has no somewhat to exist, mutually as Israel has in no way pronounced that ANY united states of america would not have the outstanding to exist. On ideal of that Iran has publicly pronounced that they could choose to be conscious nukes to "injury the Zionists and push Israel into the sea". i could desire to call that relatively freaking militant language myself. Iran scared? Are you nuts? The Mullahs that run Iran have self belief that in the event that they die the pass to paradise, they have not have been given any reason to be scared. additionally in the event that they're scared why are they being so prickly with regard to the precedence? Why no longer in basic terms capitulate? If Israel have been given aggressive for no reason the full international could desire to be out to grant up them. Iran isn't scared, they choose to be the hegemony interior the middle East. relatively lots yet another united states of america interior the section (with the surprising exception of Syria) is petrified of them. Sanctions with a complicated bite are needed. If that would not take place there are in basic terms some consequences achievable. a million) Iran gets a bomb and ignites a nuclear weapons race interior the middle East. 2) Israel assaults their nuclear web pages earlier they're in a position to construct a bomb, probably taking off WWIII with time-honored weapons. 3) The weapons race interior the middle East finally leads to WWIII. 4) Iran drops a nuke on Israel, taking off WWIII. What you fail to understand is that Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, the UAE and Lebanon all have a history of Iran meddling of their inner affairs interior the severe 30-40 years, many cases helping anti-government and anti-Israeli communities or the two. They hate Iran and difficulty them, in maximum circumstances extra advantageous valuable than they hate Israel.

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    I read somewhere once about a thing called the "Samson doctrine" It goes something like Israel has let it be known that in the event of a serious threat to its existence it will use its 200 or so nuclear weapons. So that takes care of Damascus, Tehran,Tripoli, Cairo,Mecca etc. etc. And they would still have 195 left so how about Berlin,Frankfurt, Stutgart, Duseldorf ? Then, why stop there ? remember those 19th Century Pogroms ? So we'll wipe out Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev etc. Hold on, who expelled its Jews ? Of course, Spain. So thats the end of Madrid and Barcelona. And they still have 186 Bombs left.

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    I don't think Israel has made threats to annihilate Iran and I don't think that it's Israel's stated policy to support killing Iranians. They are the only Democracy in the middle East and perhaps it would be better to stop being a zombie of state run news and religious leaders. Why do people feel that its necessary to kiss the rears of Muslims because their feelings might be hurt? Because they will burn and destroy everything in sight if offended.

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    America are sanctioning Iran, but would not sanction Israel as they plegde to protect israel after WW2.

    they get alot of American support.. it wouldn't surprise me if American armed them in the first place and if they did it would be to protect it from other middle eastern nations as all middle eastern nations dislike israel.

    many have tried to attack it but failed.. and when they do they usually have to answear to America thats why terrorist dispise America because they can't get rid of a pest neighbouring nation without fighting America.

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    Because it is easier to put sanctions on a country whose sympathisers don't control your economy.

    Even if the UN were to pass a resolution ordering Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons, they would take no more notice of it than they have of the resolutions telling them to stop their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

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    Well, the Jewish people believe the prophecy in the Old Testament where in the end, they have to fight their enemies pretty much on their own. Oh, they win the battle. The slow erosion of support for Israel because of questions and statements like the one you asked are the reason we will in the end betray them also. Oh, we all burn for it. What did Iran ever do for you? At least Israel is an ally and has helped us forever with intelligence gathering. Remember how we won the cold war? Maybe you don't. They have been at our side every step of the way. They have to be strong because they are small and on their own.

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    Why some people say Iran threatened to do such and such?!! It has always said we do not believe in and we will never build such a weapon!

    By the way they are "voluntarily" a signatory of NPT!

    So it seems that this propaganda is too baseless.

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    Israel has nuclear weapons which they say they will only use for defense of their country. Israel has never used its nuclear weapons and has never threatened to use them as an offensive weapon.

    Iran on the other hand is developing nuclear weapons which they openly admit, even boast, they will use to destroy Israel. Iran is the largest supplier of weapons to terrorist groups and while they have not said they will provide nuclear weapons to groups like Al-queda and Hamas do you have any doubt they will?

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