Who are Slavic people?

Who are Slavik people and which country are they from? Are the people in these countries Slavic? Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Poland, Armenian, Azerbaijan, Georgian. What about the Jewish people that are from Russia do they count Slavik? What about the muslim people in Russia do they count as Tatars or Slavik?


Are the Russian jews and muslims count as Eastern Slavics?

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    The Slavs are a branch of the Indo-European group of peoples just like the Germanic peoples, the Goths, the Lithuanians, the Celts and the original Latins (or Romans).

    The original Slavic population appears to have been almost nordic in physical appearance with fair skin, blue eyes and brown or blond hair. The meaning of the name "Slavon" or "Slav" is unknown but it's association by some scholars with the word "slave" is probably bogus. There is a greater posibility that it is related to Russian slava meaning "glory" and Slavons or Sklavons may have meant "the glorious ones."

    The Slavs originally lived just in what is now White Russia (or Belorus). They are first mentioned - rather vaguely - by several ancient Greek writers in the 3rd century B.C. In the 6th century A.D., there was a sudden migration of Slavs, a Volkerwanderung, out of White Russia in all directions.

    Some of them pushed north towards the Russian arctic, some went east into the lands of the Scythians, some pushed westward into Poland and even deep into Germany. On a couple occasions they attacked Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in southern Sweden but never occupied them.

    Still, another group, the South Slavs, invaded the Eastern Roman Empire and settled in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and parts of Greece as far south as the Peleponesis. The Albanians and Romanians remained two small islands of non-Slavic peoples in their midst.

    Over the centuries, the Slavs have absorbed many Finno-Ugrian and Turco-Tartar peoples as well as some Celto-Germanic peoples in Poland and Hungary. A good many of the people we refer to as Slavic today in Poland and Russia are of Finno Ugrian origin rather than original Slav even though they speak Slavic languages.

    The Jews in Central and Eastern Europe have intermarried with both Slavic and Germanic peoples from time to time as well as the Turkic Khazars though probably not on a huge scale.

    The Azeris are Turkic speaking but appear to have ancestry that is more Armenian than Turkic.

    The Armenians are descended from many ancient mountain tribes who lived in eastern Anatolia: the Hurrians, the Urartians, the Cappadocians etc.

    The Georgians belong to a group called Kartvelian which appears to be intermediate between Indo-European and Hamito-Semitic.

    Most Muslims in the former Soviet Union are of Turkic stock, a few are Indo-Iranians (an Indo-European people). While all of these peoples are non-Slavic, they have intermarried a little bit with Russians over the past two centuries and some of them are quite European looking as a result.

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    The Slavic people are thought to possibly have inhabited parts of Germany at one point, before migrating eastward, southward and northward in the sixth century. The first Slavic state was recognized in the seventh century and was ruled by Samo, who was not in fact, of Slavic origin. However, he supported the Slavic people in fighting oppression by the Avar rulers. This state was located in Moravia, a region now within the borders of the Czech Republic.

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    Slavs are people from everything west of the caucasus, north of Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia. and the western border of Germanic countries/italy. Any type of jew isnt slavic or European at all (race not religion), and are evolved Khasars, who are evolved turkics (Turkmenistan, uzbekistan, kazahkstan, tajikistan. Also, Azerbaijan and Turkey arent European, although the PURE races of Armenia and Georgia are. Also, Kurds are partially European as well

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    The ancient Greek Macedonia has nothing to do with the population living in FYROM. The people are mainly Slavs and Albanians. After Yugoslavia was divided into many smaller areas these people started to claim that ancient Macedonians are their direct ancestors and started to have historical claims and territory claims over the Greek history and area. They need to have a separated identity with the Bulgarians, Serbians and Albanians so they started their be Macedonians! Unfortunately their claims are based on fake historical facts and propaganda. This territory was called Vardarska for many many years but they were always "in danger" by the Bulgarians. They have nothing to do with Alexander the Great, with the ancient Greek Macedonian Civilization.

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    North Central and Northwest Asians. I consider Europe to be West Asia... BECAUSE IT IS NOT A CONTINENT! Yes. Most of those people are slavic, except for those of the Caucus.

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    Slavs Definition

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    like yugoslavic? isnt that like those 3 countries that used to be united?

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