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Is Leona Lewis dead!?

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    This is quite obviously a fake well as a fake artivle. This is the bbc website yet somehow the url reads These types of websites are easy to make. Just get the html coding for the site...copy it into your own website builder... and then edit it to make it say whatever you want... whether or not that is an article saying leona lewis is dead, or not. Other telltale sign that show the website is a fake... trying to scare people include the fact... that on my phone at least, no other links work... also... the variable in the url, which is used to direct people to this article.. is named just as leona, whereas on the actual bbc website, it tells you just the article number. Also as previously mentiones, the date of the site says 26 october 2009. Finally, in the included picture, there has to, as enforced by the law some sort of credut for the picture and article in the form of either a website crediting the two, or a "reporters" name and the "photographers name.

    So for these reasons the website is a rfake, and so is the article, meaning leona lewis is alive and healthy

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    for sure no longer! She is only 25 years previous! and obviously,it truly is all a hoax Leona Louise Lewis (born 3 April 1985) is a British pop and R&B singer–songwriter. Lewis rose to repute in 2006 because the winner of the third sequence of the British television sequence The X component.

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    Yeah, she's been dead for like 6 odd months despite having songs after than


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    no , if you look at the very top of the page it states 'last updated 12:24 am 26th october 2009'

    its false nothing to worry about

    close call thought thank god coz shes a really good singer

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    no, that's one of those scam websites where you type in a person's name and post that they've died. same thing happened over 6 months ago saying Jeff Goldblum had fallen off a cliff in Australia, he had to go on the colbert report to tell everyone he's alive.

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    I haven't heard of it on the news so no its fake people are trying to get a rise out of people who will believe the tabloids.

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    Well it's from a pretty reputable source. Yikes!

    That made me feel pretty queasy actually

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    That better be fake I hope, but bbc news! :s

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