To whom do you make out the check to pay owed Federal Income Tax?

Internal Revenue Service? Treasury Dept?

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    1 decade ago
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    The check should be made payable to "Department of the Treasury", although I've never known them not to cash a check with a different name.

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    United States Treasury

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    Hah! i read an article once about what the IRS gets sometime, wrt checks intended to pay income tax. there are many examples of "colorful phrases" written near the edgse, and any variety of payee phrases; infernal revenue service is one common example.

    IRS doesnt really care so long as the check is good and the amount is not ambiguous. the check gets processed with all the others.

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    Technically, all of these answers are wrong. Use, U.S. Treasury, as written in the 1040 payable instructions.

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