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Renewing L2 while in Green Card Process?

I'm turning 21 in June and we are waiting on our Green Card decision (our Biometrics appointment is tomorrow actually). We were planning on crossing into Canada and then back into USA to renew my Dad's L1 and my L2. My question is, will they consider me an overstay risk and possibly deny me a new L2 and re-entry?


I have an Immigration Lawyer, but I can't get an answer from him until tomorrow.

Update 2:

I am from Canada.

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    You should have no problems receiving the L-2 visa stamp in your passport.

    Although you turn 21 in June, until then, you are legally a child of an L-1 visa holder.

    L visas allow for dual-intent. In other words, you can extend your "temporary" L status while applying for greencard up until you are approved.

    That said, of course no one can guarantee a positive outcome at the embassy.

    However, as per the law, you can receive the visa.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): A good presentation explaining dual-intent:
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    Wait until tomorrow

    unless you are from Canada and have had made arrangement to renew the visas

    the normally want to send you home

    They may only give you an I-94 to your birthday if they notice at the POE

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    if you are still married the only person complaining who could harm you is your spouse. If you are still happily married you shouldn't have a problem. Of course if any of your friends have evidence of immigration fraud, that can harm you. However, just them talking without evidencer, not.

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