What were some of the new inventions and technology of the 18th century in Great Britain?

What were some of the new inventions and technology of the 18th century in Great Britain?

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    Here are a few, some early 19th century, don't forget 1750 is an 18th century date. Did you mean 19th century e.g. 1850 ?The 19th century list is much longer.

    Blood Circulation, discovery of:William Harvey Folkestone, England, UK 1578. physician at St. Bartholomew's Hospital

    Evolution theory Darwin British

    Train first train self propelled British (Stephenson)

    Steam Engine British 3 British

    Inventors: Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen, James Watt

    Steam Turbine : British inventor Charles Parsons

    First crude steam engine .Thomas Savery British 1650-1715

    First atmospheric steam engine: Thomas Newcomen (1663-1729)

    1803 John Dalton's atomic theory was the forerunner of all modern medicine. Manchester UK

    1805 The first gas street lighting illuminated part of Chapel Street in Salford, along with the Philips and Lee factory.Manchester UK

    The first mechanically powered submarine was launched to the designs of eccentric Hulme curate, the Reverend George Garrett.Manchester UK

    George Stephenson Rocket Steam Engone

    Robert Stephenson , First Box Girder Bridge

    Propelling pencil . Sampson Mordan.UK associate of Michael Faraday

    Periodic Table British British chemist, John Newlands

    Spinning Jenny - James Hargreaves

    Sir Isaac Newton ( British ) was the inventor of the Universal Law of Gravity

    Michael Faraday (British 1791 - 1867) invented both the electrical generator and the electric motor,

    Pedal cycle ....Kirkpatrick MacMillan- British -…

    Tar Macadam Road surface ,was invented 200 years ago by a Scot named John Loudon McAdam

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    they were under the reign of louis 15 during this time and they believed that there should be an absolute monarchy which is someone who rules with complete reign. he believed that he was appointed by god and should be respected. the relighion in france after many difficult times was some protestant and many catholic. louis believed that the only way to effectively be united in france was for everyone to be one religion. since louis the 15 was himslef a catholic, he then did his best to make everyone else of that same religion. but this was the time of the enlightenment was going on and many peopole including the Philosophes were speaking out and discovering new truths about the world. this led them to question everything including religion, and so it was tuff for louis to convert everyone to catholocism

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