Polling: The most tearful(sad) moment in movie/anime/drama/etc?

I just want to know what is the most sad moment in entertainment for lots of people. For me, it is saying goodbye to someone the character respect the most.

If there's any good movie, please tell. Story like Big Fish or The Green Mile. Thanks.

Thanks for the participation.


Thanks everyone, i'll try to watch it whenever i got time. oh and the japanese one seems interesting, i'll check it out especially i'm a fans of Ai Otsuka :). Thank you everyone.

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    try watching the japanese film "tada, kimi wo aishiteru" and surely it will pull your heart strings...esp the part when the main guy went to the u.s. gallery where the photos taken by the main girl are being exhibited after she left japan...the most heartbreaking scene for me since that time the girl has already passed away because of a rare disease that became fatal after she fell in love and matured...and her thoughts and feelings were expressed within that exhibit...please do watch it -- available on line with english subs...

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    When someone from a show or movies series I grew up enjoying. Examples are:

    Data from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from 1987 and died in 2002's "Star Trek: Nemesis".

    Optimus Prime from the original (G1) "Transformers". From 1984 and was killed in 1986's "Transformers: The Movie" which was in the between of seasons 2 and 3. I remember being a kid and crying in the cinema. He was later resurrect in season 4, because of upset fans.

    David Tennant's "the Doctor" in the Doctor Who series from 2005-2010, when he regenerated into the 11th Doctor in 2010. He was, in my opinion, the best and funniest Doctor since Tom Baker's 1974-1981's 4th Doctor.

    "Big Fish", as you mentioned, was a major big cry for me when I first watched in 2004. Not the movie you should watch a few weeks after your father dies. Trust me!

    I could on on, but I let other people have a turn.

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    Pay It Forward was pretty sad. The main "sad" ones are Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Terms of Endearment...

    And Life is Beautiful -- great, great movie.

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    The end of Breakfast At Tiffany's when they are looking for Cat in the rain.

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    Marley & Me -- at the end where Owen Wilson called Jennifer Aniston and told her Marley wasn't coming home.

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    In Life Is Beautiful where the dad is shot and dies.

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    Old Yeller...To sad when he dies.

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