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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Can I get into Brown or Columbia?

Hello all! Yep, this is another high school student who wants input from others (preferably knowledgeable ones) on admittance to a specific University or in my case, Universities.

I love honesty. Give me a reality check if needed, or encouragement, maybe even a tip or two.

My Stats:

GPA: W: 4.11/4 , UW: 3.82/4

Class Rank: 12/568

SAT: 1980, CR: 620, M: 710, W: 650

ACT: 29 composite


-U.S. History: 740

-Math IC: 700

HS classes: (notable ones at least)

8 AP courses (by the end of senior year, 2 completed by application time)

Honors everything else

My E.C.s (I think my strong point)


Tennis: Varsity 3 years

-State Champion tennis player 2008

-3rd place 2009

-played competitively for 5 years


Student Council (what I live for!!)

- Class president 2 years

- All Student Body President 1 year

- All Student Body VP 1 year

-2010 National Association of Student Councils National Convention Chair

(responsible (with a committee of 22 people) for planning a national convention for 1500 people, been planning for 4 years)

-Helped run and start RSVP at my school, a program that raises student voices, this past year we addressed several policies and implemented new ones, in addition to adressing racism in my school and how to eliminate it

-Trained workshop presenter, attended district, state, national and world conventions for student council and leadership

-HOBY alum

-Chaired a district workshop day at my school for 120 people


-NHS board member

-Japanese NHS, Club Vice President

placed 7th in a state wide Japanese competition

speak near fluent Japanese (5 years now!)


-Play violin for 10 years in School orchestra, church and a group available for weddings

-Concert master for a youth orchestra tour to Italy

-taught myself piano and played for community events and school fundraisers.


-Community Service committee 4 years

-Started Trick-or-Can and helped raise over 3000 cans for a local shelter

-Raised over 10,000 for a local hospital at a soup-dinner

-Volunteered at the Boaz project events, homeless shelters and also retirement homes

-in essence, I love serving others and leading them to their vision and goal!!

I plan to major in East Asian studies or Japanese, on a pre-medical track.

Its my dream to attend either one, I haven't visited either yet, going to soon! Lastly, I am a white Caucasian male, my school has 2400 students, entering college fall of 2011, and as far as financial aid goes, I wont qualify for a penny...

Comments are greatly appreciated!!! Have a wonderful day!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are several free online services that help you find a school that is already accepting students with your credentials. My favorite is College Matchmaker, from the College Board company. Go to that website, enter your personal information and SAT or ACT scores, tell them where [State or area or even by zip code] you want to go to college and what majors you may be interested in, and see what comes up. Then, make sure that you apply to at least three of the schools likely to accept you. College admissions can be cruel at times, and you definitely want to have some choice

    Here is the web address:

    Also, it is a good idea to read what other students say about the colleges you are investigating. The best free site for that feedback is run by The Princeton Review.

    Here is their web address:

    BTW - one of my kids got her degree from Columbia - and nobody cares except her. She has to wait in line along with the kids who got their degrees from the local cow-pasture state school.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I must say, this is an impressive resume you got right there, buddy. You will probably have to take your SATs and ACTs in order to apply there, still maintain your GPA, and also, try not to do any procastination or any other mistake that you will do to mess up your chance of going into your dream college. And also, just pray, because in the end, going to Brown, Columbia or Harvard may not be what God has in store for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your grades are fantastic, challenging courses, a load of extra curriculars and on top of that you exhibit tremendous leadership which Ivy league schools like columbia and brown most deffinetely look for. You have a very high chance to make it into both of these schools.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well the standardized test scores are low for Columbia, but otherwise your doing fine.

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