Is the ADA " American Dental Association" biased in faver of Dentist ?

I would like to know if I can trust the ADA in a case I have with a dentist. My son and daughter have had there brace's on for 2 years and now the dentist said he is done. The problem is non of the space's are closed.. Can I just the ADA to be fair or should I get a lawyer ?


Thank you very much for you answer. I do understand that orthodontisty might not be able to get teeth perfect and that brace's are a elective procedure.When I took my kids to my dentist he said he could pull there teeth together and he has not. I have since took them to a Orthodontist that said he could get there teeth together. The Orthodontist informed me that unless there teeth are ankylosed he will not be able to get them together. Also if this is the case he will inform me of that of that 3 months in and only charge me for his time he has into it. As with the Dentist he charged me $10,000 and there are space's you can fit a dime in 5 spots on one child and 3 with the other. I thank you again for your answer. I do feel that the dentist took me for a ride,telling me he could get there teeth together. Now he said there in perfect alinement and out a other 10,000 to pull them together.

Update 2:

Thank you.. im going to look for the dental board in NYS state.

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    The ADA does not favor dentists.

    Anyway you need to report a problem to YOUR STATE'S DENTAL BOARD. NOT the ADA.

    Your own state will investigate it. But just so you know it is NOT anonymous. You have to give your child's name and your name so the dental board can review your complaint. You have to stop going to that dentist because they wont want to see you if you complain about them to the dental board.

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    Remember, that orthodontists is really not able creating the perfect smile. It's able getting the teeth in a proper position to eliminate mouth/jaw problems as we age.

    Also, sometimes a person's body is just not willing/able to create the proper alignment.

    Just because your children still have spaces between their teeth does not mean that they aren't in proper alignment. Or maybe the damage it would cause to move the teeth further is more problematic than having spaces between teeth.

    The ADA is a association for dentist, orthodontist, and other dental practitioners to share knowledge and teach the public about proper dental maintenance. It is voluntary for a dental Proaction to join.

    They are not an advocacy group for individuals who have problems with their dental treatment.

    My first step if I was you, would be to get a 2nd opinion from another orthodontic. This should be a free consultation.

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